New Google Music Service in Canada

So, like me, were you excited about the new Google Music service? And were you disappointed to find out that because you’re not in the United States you can’t get an invite to the service? Well there is a way around seeing the “We’re Sorry” screen and sending in your request for an invite. I’ve managed to get my request sent in but since I’m a day behind I may be waiting for a while to receive the invite. If you download and install Hotspot shield, you’ll have no issues with your invite request. You’ll be able to hide your Canadian IP and fake that you are requesting from the US.

I’ve also installed the new Google Music app and now I just have to wait for the invite to see how it’ll work here in Canada. If any Canadians have managed to get an invite and have any more information on the availability of the service here, please comment and I’ll update my post with the information.


Since I had automatically assumed that  the music app would only be available in the US, I went ahead and used Market Enabler (ME) to fool the Android Market into thinking I was with T-Mobile when I installed the Google Music App. I’m still not sure if it was required or not as I’ve seen that the new app is only compatible with Android 2.2 and above. But if you have 2.2, are rooted, and can’t install the music app, you can install Market Enabler from the Android Market. Use ME to fake your provider as T-Mobile and then you should be able to find the app on the market without any issues.

If you’re not rooted, here is a copy of the app that’s been uploaded to Or if you would rather you can get it from this thread at XDA-Developers.


4 Responses to “New Google Music Service in Canada”

  1. Dave Bishop Says:

    How did you install the music app? It won’t let me due to being in Canada.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hello Dave, my phone is rooted so I used market enabler to fake that my phone was with T-Mobile. If your phone is rooted you can find ME on the Android Market.

      Just in case, tomorrow I’ll upload the app and add a link on my post.


  2. gladiator Says:

    Did you ever got invite? Have tried it and does it work?

    I did the same as yours and waiting for invite?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      I haven’t received my invite yet. Unfortunately I was a couple of days behind the beginning of the invite and with the amount of people that normally apply for these things, that could translate into a couple of months wait time. Sigh….

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