Rogers Magic Android 2.1 OTA update is now rolling out

@RogersMary tweeted a short while ago that the over the air (OTA) update to 2.1 for the Rogers HTC Magic starting today. Here is the text of Mary’s tweet.

Hello!! HTC Magic+ Customers should expect HTC to start rolling out 2.1 OS today, OTA

I’m really hopping that the testing that was done prior to releasing this ROM will mean that we won’t be seeing the same level of bugs that we saw in the E911 update.

You can find more information on the update from


7 Responses to “Rogers Magic Android 2.1 OTA update is now rolling out”

  1. Alex Says:

    I think they actually started the OTA last week, somebody at Rogers was telling me they spit their customers in 2, first half got the OTA last week.

  2. Filk Says:

    Will anyone be testing whether rooting is possible after the update?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      The SPL version hasn’t changed since the E911 update, so the phone should still be able to be rooted. I will try to get someone in the next day or so to try and root it.

  3. zaid Says:

    how to do this update on a CM6 magic? in setting – about phone there is no update system option.

    Also are any changes needed to be done before running updates if one is running cm roms?

    • Hieber Says:

      You can’t. You have to go back to the stock rom with the correct radio and SPL I believe. Unless there’s a workaround, but I know for sure you need the stock Rogers rom.

  4. Guy Says:

    Does anyone know a “how to” guide to go back from CM6 to the correct radio and spl for the magic 2.1 update?

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