New (shorter) Rogers Magic/Magic+ rooting guide

After seeing the popularity of my original guide for Rooting the Rogers Post E911 Magic / Magic+ and knowing how daunting the guide looked to someone who hasn’t done it before, I decided to try to come up with something much simpler for those of you who may have found the original guide just a little too involved to attempt. My first guides are the way they are because that’s the exact steps in the order that I took them to gain root back on a Post E911 magic.

The RadioSwitcher batch file is thanks to eyegor over at, I’ve just changed a couple of the files and edited the script to use the E911 radio from the Rogers dream. We are using the Dream radio because CyanogenMod currently is not compatible with the E911 Radio from the Magic and Rogers scans their system looking for specific Radio files associated with the E911 update. If the correct Radio’s are not found, Rogers will cut your data access. The E911 Radio from the dream is compatible with The Magic, CyanogenMod and the Rogers Scan.

The original technique of using the European RUU to break the perfected SPL is credited to Orange_24 again over at, I’m sorry that I don’t have a link for this one.

This guide will leave you with the following setup

  • SPL – 1.33.2010
  • Radio –
  • Recovery – RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H
  • ROM – CyanogenMod 5.0.8


This guide is ONLY intended for the Rogers Magic/Magic+ that have the post E911 perfected SPL on them. As with all procedures involving the flashing of your phone there is always a risk however small that something could go wrong and you could end up with nothing but an expensive paperweight. If you choose to follow this guide or use the files linked within, you and you alone are responsible for any and all problems that you or your device may have.

UPDATE 1 – Added missing file copy and re-uploaded the CM6 files. New CM6 files that are linked below are now for CM6.0.0RC2.

UPDATE 2 – With the stable release of CM6.0.0 this guide has been change to use this new release

Step 1  Download of the required files.

Step 2  To create a Goldcard, Follow this procedure.

Step 3  Extract and copy files to required locations.

  • Make a directory on the root of your “C” drive called MagicRoot and extract the contents of MagicRootKit.Zip into that folder.
  • Extract the file wherever you would like and copy the 3 files contained within to the root of the Goldcard.
  • Copy the file c:\MagicRoot\ to the root of your phones SD card
  • Copy the file c:\MagicRoot\recovery-ra-hero-v1.6.2.img to the root or your phones SD card

Step 4 — Start the rooting procedure

  • From your PC, run the downloaded file RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe
  • When the RUU has completed and the phone has rebooted open up a command window on your PC and enter the following commands
  1. path = %path%;c:\magicroot
  2. adb devices (you should see the Serial Number of your device listed)
  3. adb shell (you will get a prompt #)
  4. flash_image recovery recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img
  • Turn off phone and turn on again holding Power+Home. RA Recovery should appear
  • Select Flash zip from SD card and flash the file “”
  • After the SPL has been flashed you will be asked to reboot your phone, the phone will reboot back into recovery and you will see a message “formating cash” at the bottom that won’t go away, you can ignore that message.

At this point your phone is now rooted. If you wish you could leave my guide at this point and follow any other guide that you wish to install a custom ROM that is compatible with a 1.76.x radio. To continue with installing CyanogenMod it is now required that we change the Radio/SPL/Recovery to a version compatible with CyanogenMod.

Step 5  Change Radio/SPL/Recovery versions using RadioSwitcher script.

  • Reboot your phone into fastboot mode (Power + volume down)
  • Return to your command window and enter the command “radioswitcher”
  • Select option 1 ( Flash Old Radio)
  • after receiving message “Radio SPL and Recovery updated successfully”, Select option 3 (Exit)

Step 6  Flash CyanogenMod

  • Reboot the phone into recovery (Home + Power)
  • Perform a wipe
  • Flash the CyanogenMod files in this order
  • reboot your phone and you are now running CyanogenMod 6.0.0

If you have any problems with CyanogenMod, please visit the Dream/Sapphire section of the forum over at and post your questions there. If you want to keep up to date on future releases of CyanogenMod you can follow Cyanogen on Twitter and if you want to keep up to date on the EBI1/32A kernel ports you can follow bcrook88 on Twitter



76 Responses to “New (shorter) Rogers Magic/Magic+ rooting guide”

  1. CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) on post e911 magic - Page 4 - Android Forums Says:

    […] Ok guys, I've shortened up on the rooting guide and amount of downloads. Here is a link to my new blog post. NOTE I've not tested this. New (shorter) Rogers Magic/Magic+ rooting guide The GreatBigDog Report […]

  2. Jam Says:

    Your other guide leaves the SPL at 2005, while this one is 2010. Is this correct? Did I do something wrong? Can I just flash the new SPL over my 2005?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      @Jam, no problem flashing the 2010 SPL over the 2005 one, they are both compatible with your current radio and recovery. I ended up changing mine over to 2010 when I was experimenting with RadioSwitcher 2.1 from the XDA forums.

  3. Andrew Says:

    I get a model ID error when running the RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe , trying to update image 3.05.631.7 to 3.05.401.1
    I can’t make it past that step. Can anyone help?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Your goldcard is not working. Either you made a mistake when creating it or your SD might not be compatable. You’re going to have to reformat it and try again. If it still doesn’t work, try someone else’s goldcard or pickup another 2gb micro sd to try it with.


  4. Andrew Says:

    Perfect! Thanks for the quick response! 5th time’s a charm 🙂 I got it running with 2.1, but the 2.2 update gives me ‘Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7)’. I’ll keep trying

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Let me know if you get it working. If you can’t, I’ll upload the 2.2 files could be a bad file.

    • Dan Says:

      I too am having this issue ” Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7) ”

      I installed cm 5.0.8 fine, but suppose I got greedy ..
      I read somewhere else installing the 1.33.2009 SPL fixed the problem, but I have no Idea how to go about doing so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Dan Says:

        also I dont know if this is an issue or not, in your tutorial for cm6 it said to flash thease files

        when the files actually in the download are

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        You’ll need to change the SPL from the current 1.76.2007 to 1.33.2010.

        Download and copy the file to the root of your SD card then rebooot into recovery (Home + Power) Select flash Zip from SD card and then select the file. Press home key to confirm flashing of the file.

        After the file is flashed your phone will prompt you to reboot by pressing the Menu + Back keys, go ahead and reboot. If it doesn’t reboot back into recovery, just pull the battery and then reboot with the (Home + Power)

        After the SPL has been flashed and you’re back into recovery you can go ahead and flash CM6, the EBI1 port and the new Gapps files. I’ll have to do a new upload, thanks for catching that error in the zip file. Meanwile you can get the latestest CM6 RC2 files directly from the forum at

      • Dan Says:

        Thank you for your response, I really appreciate your help.

        I am unfortunately not sure if I am closer to a fix or farther … lol

        I’ve booted beyond the rogers magic screen and am now stuck at the startup screen alternating between a blue X animation and a multi-colored X animation.

        I let it go for 45 min before pulling the battery, I read elsewhere about using a different version of Google apps , but that did not help either

        sorry to trouble you further, hopefully you can help.

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hi Dan,

        Don’t worry you’re not bricked. If you get past the splash screen you just have a problem with the ROM booting. If you did a nand backup before you tried upgrading from 5.0.8 to 6.0.0 you can just restore the backup to get back to where you were.

        Boot into fastboot (volume down + power) and post back with the Radio and Hboot information that shows up. As soon as I know where you’re at I can help.


      • Dan Says:

        I thank you for your time GBD.

        my hboot info is as follows:

        sapphire pvt 32a eng s-off h
        hboot-1.33.2010 (sapp50000)
        jun 2 2009 17:27:03

        I can try the backup again now that I have a good spl
        as I got an error before … I was hoping I could get to 2.2 since I’m getting a 2.1 update from rogers @ the end of the month ( not holding my breath 😉 but if need be at least I am rooted and I can settle for 2.1

        again cant thank you enough.

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        You’re good to go with that Radio/SPL combination. If your phone won’t boot and you don’t have any other way to copy the CyanogenMod files onto your sd you can get them there this way

        1. Boot your phone into recovery
        2. Open up a cmd window and navigate to the magicroot directory
        3. adb push /sdcard/
        4. adb push /sdcard/
        5. adb push /sdcard/
        6. In recovery select Flash zip from sdcard and flash the files in the same order.

        you then should be good to go.

        If you would rather the CM6 files, get the new ones here and push them and then flash them in the same order listed above.


      • Dan Says:

        Restore did indeed work, I’m back to cm5, I can wait a bit untill cm6 has the bugs worked out and try again later, just happy to have my phone back .

        WOW that’s alot of missed messages…lol

        Anyways while I’m here I somewhat remember but I may be wrong, you being involved in the rogers 1.6 battle, if so I would also like to thank you for your contribution, without those ppl I wouldn’t have a magic to mod in the first place.

        take care gbd, if you have a solution to my cm6 problem it would be appreciated, but not necessary.

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        With CM6, you need to wipe before you attempt flash it. CyanogenMod attempts to backup and restore the google apps when you update it and the gapps package from CM5 causes lots-o-problems. If you wipe first to get rid of the issues and then apply CM, EBI1 port and new Gapps in that order it should boot fine for you. Get the new CM6 RC2 files here


      • Dan Says:

        Alright, awesome
        will give it a go & post back with my results.
        battery is under 10% right now, will give it an hour to charge first.

      • Dan Says:

        you sir, rock!!

        thanx Bigdog, I’m rockin 2.2, and uber happy
        if you got a paypal hit me up, would love to show my appreciation
        tried to get some help in the cm forums to no avail, you know your stuff and I thank you

        Keep up the awesome work.

        take care,

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hi Dan,

        Great that it’s working for you!! Thanks for the donation offer but no need, I’m just giving back to the community that’s helped me so much.


  5. Shannon Says:

    All was well till I finished the European RUU. The steps afterward to open a command shell and type the commands seem to work with the exception of when I do the flash_image command it comes back with an error opening recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img: no such file or directory.

    I’m assuming this means that some where along the way something got messed up and it’s not setting the path to the magicroot directory. Any Ideas on how to solve this? I’ve checked and double checked all file locations, even tried to copy the recovery file to the sdk tools folder and try without the path command.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Shannon Says:

      I’m okay now. I just put the recovery image on the sd card and installed it that way instead. All working.

      Thanks for this guide though. It’s pulled me away from waiting on Rogers to update and now I’m back using Cyanogen mod woohoo!

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Glad to here you’re ok, you could have also just navigated to the magicroot folder and entered the commands from there.

        Welcome back to CyanogenMod!

      • Shannon Says:

        Thanks, it’s good to be back. It’s amazing how much I missed it since the 911 update.

        Anywho, doing my second magic now going to be a whole lot smoother this time and good to know I can just navigate to the magicroot folder… for some reason that never even crossed my mind this time.

  6. Fred Says:

    Thanks GBD I flawlessly installed froyo on my rogers magic last night!

    My only problem now is that Sprite backup fails to restore anything from the backup I did before the procedure.

    Can I just use the exec the RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe to install android 1.5 to restore my stuff? I just want to retreive my contact then do a sync or another backup soft to be able to restore it in Froyo.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Fred.

      You may need the goldcard installed in the phone to run the RUU but other than that you should be fine to run it. Just remember that you will loose root and have to go through the procedure again.

  7. Neal Says:

    This guide is a God Send. I am planning on getting an HTC Magic+ from Rogers in a couple months. I really hope I don’t screw anything up and making a paperweight, but from the comments I read here, seems easy enough to not screw up. Thanks GBD!

  8. Hieber Says:

    I tried flashing the recovery image via the steps provided, but I keep getting an error telling me that the directory or file cannot be found. What am I supposed to do?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      You had a problem with your path statement or you closed the command window between steps. You can just navigate to the magicroot directory and run the commands from there.

      • Hieber Says:

        I wrote the path statement just like it was written in the step

        “path = %path%;c:\magicroot”

        or do I write

        “path = c:\magicroot” ?

      • Hieber Says:

        Nevermind. I got it now, thank you so much for this guide 🙂

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Great!! Another happy Magic owner. Enjoy the newfound freedom on your phone 🙂

        Glad I could help


  9. Tech Says:

    Upgraded Fido Magic from CM5.08 to Froyo RC2 with zero problems.

    Thanks, AGAIN, for the awesome guide. We all owe you. Beers on me if you are ever in Ottawa.

  10. zaid Says:

    hi, i had rooted my rogers phone i think using your previous blog, I want to now install the new cm6 versions but I get the status 7 error i think because of the hboot, wanted your help to tell me how and what to change.

    here is my phone details:
    HBOOT-1.76.2007 (SAPP50000)

    hope you can help me, thanks…

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      You’ll need to change the SPL from the current 1.76.2007 to 1.33.2010.

      Download and copy the file to the root of your SD card then rebooot into recovery (Home + Power) Select flash Zip from SD card and then select the file. Press home key to confirm flashing of the file.

      After the file is flashed your phone will prompt you to reboot by pressing the Menu + Back keys, go ahead and reboot. If it doesn’t reboot back into recovery, just pull the battery and then reboot with the (Home + Power)

      After the SPL has been flashed and you’re back into recovery you can go ahead and flash CM6, the EBI1 port and the new Gapps files.

      Hope this helps.


  11. Nate Says:

    Hello, im at the step for running RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe however I come across error [170] USB Connection Error. I am running windows 7 64 bit and I am having problems with windows recognizing the usb phone, i followed all the steps Workaround for HTC Hero Sync Problem in Windows 7, I am wondering if since it is a Hero work around and I am using a Magic it might be a problem. Any help?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      windows 7 64 bit << that's your problem. I've not hear of anybody that's been able to root using 64bit windows. You might want to try running the file in comparability mode.


  12. Mike Says:

    I cant get past the RUU update. I think I have a gold card issue but Im not sure because I created one without problems. Also, does the gold card need to be in the phone during update? Also, does the usb debugging need to be on or off?
    Thanks alot!!

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Mike,

      Debugging seams to depend on the PC OS that you’re using. Go ahead and try it both ways. You can still have a goldcard issue even if you didn’t have any problems creating it.

    • Mike Says:


      Which card has to be in the phone during the ruu update? gold or phone?

      Thanks again,


  13. Tech Says:

    Also note if you have no 3G after upgrade to CM5 or 6 you need to add the Fido or Rogers APN in the -settings/wireless & networking/mobile networks section.

    Here is the fido apn

    APN1 [this one will have the radio button beside it]
    Name: fido internet
    Username: fido
    Password: fido
    APN Type: default
    (all other fields blank)


    APN2 [this one will not have any radio button beside it]
    Name: fido mms
    MMS Proxy:
    APN Type: mms
    (all other fields blank)


    3G should now be on.

  14. htc magic man23 Says:

    I can t get the RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe to work at all it says my android phone is not properly connected or something!

  15. Mike Says:

    I cant get past the RUU update. I think I have a gold card issue but Im not sure because I created one without problems. Also, does the gold card need to be in the phone during update? Also, does the usb debugging need to be on or off?
    Thanks alot!!

  16. GRiM Says:

    I’m having the same issue as Shannon above:

    “when I do the flash_image command it comes back with an error opening recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img: no such file or directory.”

    I’ve double checked everything as well as trying to run the command from the magicroot folder, but still no luck.

    any help would be appreciated.

    • GRiM Says:

      ok, I fixed that issue, I also just put the img file on the sdcard and installed it that way.

      Now I have another issue. When I boot the phone into Recovery using Power+Home, I click on “Select Flash zip from SD Card” but I get an error saying it cannot mount SD Card

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hi GRiM

        It could be a problem with the SD card. Try it with another micro sd or check and make sure that the sd card is physically pushed in all the way. You might have accidentally caused it to pop out a bit.


      • GRiM Says:

        Thanks for the tips. It was the SD Card, I guess it didn’t like my 2GB SanDisk, but my 2GB Patriot did the trick.

        All up and running with RC2.

        Thanks again for this great guide!

  17. Chris Says:

    I’m hoping someone can help me here… I too am getting the ‘no such file or directory’ error while trying to send the recovery file, and I’m unsure how to do it from the SD card. Can someone lend a hand here? Much apprecited!

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Chris,

      I updated the guide late this afternoon to include copying the file that’s missing. You can just copy this file to the root or your sd card


      or you can push it there using adb

      adb push recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img /sdcard/

      if that doesn’t work you can try to push it here

      adb push recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img /data/local

      Just make sure that the file is in the same directory that you run the adb command from.

  18. Mike Says:

    nevermind that last comment but I am stuck at the “no such file or directory” part of the adb commands. Im not sure what you mean by your comments left with other users.



    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Mike, just navigate to the Magicroot directory in your command window and run the commands from there.


      • Mike Says:

        Thanks, but I still get the error. Is the image supposed to be on the sd card of the phone while doing this? Also, what does it mean to “put the file on the sd card and install it that way”?


  19. Jeff Says:

    Hi, I am also getting the no such file or directory error when trying to run the flashing of the recovery hero image, I have tried running the adb shell command from the magicroot folder on my PC with no effect, I have also tried pushing the file but it comes back saying 0 bytes transferred in *amount of time*, I have tried copying the file to the SD card both directly through an adapter and through the USB cable to the phone via windows explorer and confirmed that the file is there through Lina explorer on the phone. Is there anything that I could be missing? Do I have to turn off USB Debug mode on the phone or something like that? Is there any way to just run the recovery from the phone rather than through ADB? Thank you so very much in advance for any help and advice…

  20. brad Says:

    RA recovery doesn’t appear in my recovery mode screen.
    The files are indeed on my phone… Is this a goldcard issue?

  21. Marc Says:

    GBD, I am a fan of your work. Followed the short version to root my Rogers Magic (post E911 patch). I’m now running on CM5.0.8 and I’m very happy with it.

    I’m waiting for CM6 to be more stable before I cross that line.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  22. Recovery Mode Involuntarily Restarting - Android Forums Says:

    […] this rooting guide. Go ahead and read it through to see if you have any questions b4 you try it. It's not quite as short and easy as my newest guide but I wouldn't be able to guarantee that my […]

  23. Hiep Says:

    Is it necessary for me to change the radio or can I leave it at 6.35?

  24. Mike Says:

    hi, is it possible to just run the ruu and try rooting from another site like, Unlockr?

  25. Ryan Says:

    I’m getting stuck with a [170] USB CONNECTION ERROR. I’m assuming this is a driver errors, but I think I’ve installed the correct driver. When I type adb devices in the command prompt, the device is listed. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    • Ryan Says:

      Nevermind my previous comment(s). I think I was using Vista drivers when I’m using XP. It seems to be working now.

  26. Ryan Says:

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I don’t see my earlier reply posted above.

    I ran the RUU but keep getting stuck with Error [170]: USB CONNECTION ERROR. I believe I’ve installed the drivers. When I enter “adb devices” in the command prompt, the device is listed. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  27. Ryan Says:

    Okay, so I ran the RUU, and it began installing. After about a minute or two, the Found New Hardware Wizard popped up over top and prompted me to install drivers for the “Android Bootloader Interface”. A few seconds later, the installation failed due to a ERROR [171]: USB Connection error.

  28. Ryan Says:

    Also my phone seems to be stuck on the bootloader screen. It says the following:

    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jan 14 2010,00:14:58


    Please tell me I haven’t bricked it.

  29. Sylvain Says:

    ”Extract the file wherever you would like and copy the 3 files contained within to the root of the Goldcard.”

    Do you mean to put the 3 files without unziping it so on golgcard will have this :

  30. Sylvain Says:

    It is a very dumb question but when u said in Step 4 — ”Start the rooting procedure
    * From your PC, run the downloaded file RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe”

    In the phone we put goldcard or SDcard ?

  31. filipus Says:

    Can’t get past the “no such file or directory” message while attempting to flash the recovery. The file is both on the root folder of the goldcard and in the MagicRoot folder.
    ADB tells me I have root. However, navigating to the sdcard folder through ADB shell and issuing a “ls” command returns nothing.

    Furthermore, if i try to “ADB push” the recovery img onto the sdcard, I am told the file system is read-only

    The RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe application work properly (once I read I couldn’t run it on Win7 x64 !!! – Thanks!).

    Booting the Magic with Power+Back, I get the following info:
    HBOOT-1.76.0008 (it used to be

    What else should I try?

  32. filipus Says:

    Forget my last post.

    Re-reading the previous comments, i found the following, which finally worked for me:

    adb push recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img /data/local

    I was then able to run through the rest of the procedure.

    I am now the proud user of a Froyo-running HTC Magic… :-))

    Thanks dude!

  33. Darryl Says:

    WOW!! Thanks BBG! *wags*

  34. Serge Aleksinen Says:

    Spasibo! My Magic+ is rooted now!

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