Another possible 2 months before Android 2.1 on Rogers Magic

Yesterday, @RogersMary dropped a couple of tweets on us letting us finally know the status of the expected Android 2.1 update to the Rogers HTC Magic. While the news was good in that HTC had finally delivered the update, it seems that the approval process for the ROM is going to take quite a bit longer than I or anyone else for that matter anticipated. In one of her tweets, Mary says that the approval process “Should” be completed by the end of August.

Here is a copy of her tweets if you happened to miss them.

Okay Magic fans, I have an update for you! Rogers has received a draft OS 2.1 Magic upgrade from HTC.

And the second tweet.

We’re in process of testing. No solid release date as that depends on Google’s approval as well. We anticipate end of Aug but plz stay tuned


To say that I was shocked at the further delay in the expected delivery date of Android 2.1 out to Rogers customers wouldn’t be a true statement, I did kind of expect it but not for this reason. I actually expected that we would be told that HTC didn’t have the ROM ready and it would be delayed for some period of time. Two months to run the ROM through its paces greatly exceeds the couple of weeks that I would have figured it to take for the approval process. I guess this just goes to show how little I really know of the ROM testing requirements that Rogers/Google has put into place. I’m not sure if this is Rogers/Google’s standard testing practice or if after the inferior ROM with E911 patch that HTC threw together and Rogers forced onto it’s customer a few months back is causing them to be extra carefull with this one.

I was also surprised to see that Google has to approve the ROM prior to its release to the public. The more that I thought about it however, I came to realize that since there are proprietary Google bits that will be included, like the Market app, Maps, Search etc. Google will want to make sure that these bits are functioning properly with the ROM changes that HTC makes to include their sense UI and Rogers modifications.

I would recommend to Rogers that, in the future, they add product testing time onto any date that they give to their customers.  In this case, giving the community a date of Q3 for the release of the update would have been a much smarter decision rather than Mid-Year followed up by End of June. This is of course entirely dependent on if Rogers even bothers to read my blog or takes any stock in my suggestions.



3 Responses to “Another possible 2 months before Android 2.1 on Rogers Magic”

  1. KenW Says:

    Glad I moved on to Cyanogen. Happily using 2.1 since and now it looks like 2.2 will be out soon. Who knows what version we will be on by the time Rogers decides what parts of 2.0 they will let their customers have.

  2. Filk Says:

    If I root my Magic using the guide you have posted and IF Rogers comes out with a decent 2.1 ROM, how hard will it be to revert to the Rogers-sanctioned ROM?

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