1.6 Update for LG EVE Delayed until September

Finally some news out of LG regarding the expected “Spring” update for the LG EVE. Unfortunatly it’s not good news. A spoksperson for LG has confirmed that the expected Android 1.6 update will not be available as origionally indicated by LG.

In an E-Mail that I received from the LG spokesperson, I’ve been told that due to internal delays the update will not be ready to release to Rogers for testing until early September. In addition the E-Mail also states that due to technical limitations on the device, the EVE will not be getting any future update to Android 2.1

This is indeed a sad day for owners of the LG EVE as, their devices, have basically been declared obsolete. All I can say as a HTC Dream owner is “Welcome to the club” . We can only hope that the September date holds and the 1.6 update does not keep getting pushed out.

Here is the email that I received.

Hi Don,

On behalf of LG Canada, thank you for your inquiries regarding the LG Eve. Here is LG’s official response.

LG Canada has been working to release the Android 1.6 OS upgrade for the LG Eve, which is now expected to be delivered to Rogers for testing in early September, 2010 due to internal delays. Once certified by Rogers, the upgrade will be made available for download from the LG website and will require a PC sync. We appreciate your patience and thank you again for your inquiries.

LG remains committed to investing in the Android platform and will have some exciting innovations for you this year. However, a 2.1 OS upgrade for the LG Eve will not be made available as the device cannot adequately support the features associated with it.





7 Responses to “1.6 Update for LG EVE Delayed until September”

  1. tim Says:

    Lg has repeatedly dissapointed consumers who purchased the eve. With that being said, I would not buy another lg product any time in the near future.

    From a consumer standpoint, will this happen to every phone lg releases?

    The eve was released in november 2009, so after 7 months lg says they will not provide any updates after the greatly delayed 1.6. Its pretty bad that my phone has become obsolete before the warranty has expired. Hopefully someone from lg reads this comment as I am quite disappointed with their stance and lack of support on this issue.

    Thank god for the iphone 4 release coming soon, Apple seems to support their products and provide updates after the phone is 1 year old.

  2. Brent Says:

    LG just needs to come up with the EVE2 that will support it,
    and give us owners of the EVE a cheap upgrade option

  3. stephen Says:

    this eve my wife has is lame. my 2.5 yearold ipod touch has a better interface than this eve. I will be glad when it brreaks so she will get an iphone. really, how can andriod lovers tolerate this kind of fragmentation of the OS ?

  4. Nigel Says:

    In my email from LG it said that they were hoping the update to 1.6 will be available in July.


    Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

    Hello Nigel, thank you for contacting LG Customer service.

    The Android 1.6 update was originally due to be released in June, however issues at the factory level have delayed the release and we are hoping it will be available for release In July. The update will be available from our website.

    Dave H.
    LG Customer Service
    LG Canada

  5. Andrew Says:

    My wife and I got two Eves for $50 on Rogers. In other words, almost free. So what’s there to complain about?

    Do you really expect any phone maker to invest ongoing effort and $$$ to keep a phone up-to-date with new Android releases? They have other important things to do, like make new phones so they can make money and stay in business.

    I knew that it was already obsolete the day I bought it, but I’d rather have my buggy Eve than a stupid iPhone any day.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      At least you can hold your Eve however you want to 😉 I’m glad that you’re enjoying your phones, sometimes I wish that I could have just settled with that buggy OS as well.

      As soon as LG has the 1.6 update available I’ll be posting about it here in my blog. You’ll find that it’s a major improvement over the current 1.5 OS that you’re phones are running now. You’ll also find that there are many additional apps available that you couldn’t get with Android 1.5. The big one being is the availability of Google Maps Navigation.

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