Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.8 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio

For anybody wanting to try it, I have a newer guide that hasn’t been tested and I haven’t received any feedback on yet. The newer guide is shorter with less download links and should be much less daunting. If you want to stick with the tried and true then this is the guide for you as many people of used it and successfully rooted their Rogers Magic/Magic+. Here is a link to my new shorter guide. (Edit), The newer guide has been tested and works. You’ll be better off following it.

For those of you that followed my earlier post, I’m sorry but to get the Dream post E911 radio onto your Magic you’re going to end up wiping it again. If you’re in this boat just refer to the end of my original post to get the Dream E911 Radio onto your Magic

* ** This procedure is not for the light of technical skills, you could very well end up bricking your phone. If you still want to continue, you are taking sole responsibility to whatever happens to your phone. Read the guide and if you are unsure ASK before continuing. ***

Here is the entire procedure that I performed to get from POST E911 update to Cyanogen 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) on a Rogers Magic+ This procedure will leave you with a rooted Magic running Android 2.1 (CyanogenMod 5.0.7). The Radio will be the Radio that is running on the Rogers Dream post E911 mandatory update so hopefully it should be approved by the system scanning that Rogers is doing and you won’t end up getting your data disabled.

First step is to download the tools and files you will need to perform this procedure and to place them in the proper spots that you will need them. At one point you will need to be able to connect to a WiFi or 3G network to download Astro File Manager. Wanting to be carefull, I will be rooting the phone then unrooting to go back to a known  start point before starting the rooting process using CyanogenMod 5.0.7

** This is for the Rogers Magic post E911 update or Magic+ only **

1. Download the Android SDK

2. Download Amon_RA’s recovery image (Yes is says Hero but it’s the one you use)

(md5sum  ef209630079493f741cd93e731772ff2)

3. Download the new RUU from Europe

(md5sum 93dfc58bf37ea8e878ec189c18f79d55)

4. Download the Rogers RUU from last July

(md5sum 5e5f80aff042b80a14378c3abcb3bb36)

5. Download Zinx’s Recovery Flasher (Version 1.1.1 is what worked for me)

md5sum (baa8ba9a36a11c9daf52e7e6e88636db)

6. Download The new Cyanogen ROM

Download from

New link

7 Download the Kernel port file (allows cyanogen to work with Rogers radio)

Download from

New link

*** Make sure that the Kernel port file matches the Cyanogen main file ***

8. Download the Google Add on pack.

(md5sum 6ce87e782a4c261386760203851b227d)

9. We need to download one additional recovery that will work after we revert to Rogers RUU


9.5 Download “”

(md5sum 0567f3c6260f64afaf58ae23f67891b9)

10 Download “Engineering SPL 1.33.2005”

(md5sum 2B1AAA9012DC28F88C482E1B21A46FDD)

11. Download Dream E911 radio

(md5sum 0eb7c5530ef38eeaa07590e6924c7814)

There we have it, hopefully this will be all the files that we will need.

Now that we have all of the files we need to get to root with Cyanogen 5.0.7, lets get started. In this part we will apply the RUU that will allow a SPL downgrade and then reapply the original Rogers RUU to get back to a known starting point.

12. (I already have the Android SDK so this is from memory) First step is to extract the Android SDK, after you extract it, find the “Tools” folder and copy it to the root of one of the drives on your PC. I’ll be using c: for this example

13. Using the SD card that came with the Magic you now need to create a Goldcard. Follow this procedure.

14. Copy all of the Zip files and the “recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img” that you have downloaded to the Root of your SD card

15. Copy the “recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H.img” and “” files to the c:\tools folder

16. With the SD card in your Magic, run the RUU “RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe”

17. When the RUU has completed and the phone has rebooted open up a command prompt on your PC and navigate to the c:tools folder. On the phone go to settings-applications-development and turn on USB Debugging

Enter the following commands from the command window on the PC

adb devices (you should see a device listed)
adb shell (you will get a prompt #)
# flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img

18. Turn off phone and turn on again holding Power+Home. RA Recovery should appear

19. Select Flash zip from SD card and flash the file “update-hboot-1762007-signed”

You have now downgraded the SPL to a point where you will be able to run the Rogers origional RUU

20. Run the Rogers RUU “RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_2.17.631.2_release_signed_NoDriver”.exe

We are not at a known starting point where we can be assured that we have the Rogers radio. When the phone reboots, if you are using 3G, sign into your google account. If using WiFi, just skip through everything to the main screen and then connect to your WiFi.

21. Goto the market and install Astro File Manager (If you skipped through to connect to WiFi you will have to sign into google now)

22. Goto Settings-Applications and check “Unknown sources” then select development and check “USB debugging”.

23. Using Astro, navigate to and flashrec-1.1.1 which should be on the root of your SD card, then select open app manager, then select install.

22. Open recovery flasher, select backup recovery image, select download recovery image, select flash recovery image.

24. After the flash is complete shutdown the phone and restart it by holding the power and home keys.

24. Select “Apply any Zip from SD” and flash “”

After the SPL has been flashed you will be asked to reboot your phone, the phone will reboot back into recovery and you will see a message formating cash at the bottom that won’t go away, you can ignore that message.

25. Power down the phone.

26. Restart phone by holding the power button and volume down keys, phone will boot into fastboot and you will see 3 Androids on skateboards at the bottom. Press the back key.

27. Open a command prompt on your computer and go to c:/tools

28. Run the following commands

fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H.img
fastboot flash radio

29. Turn the phone off, turn back on again holding the home key until the phone boots into recovery.

30. Perform a nandroid backup

31. Perform a Wipe

32. Flash Zip from SD card

a) (Or whatever the current CM release is)
b) (Make sure it matches the CM release)

33. Power the phone off and then back on and you are now running CyanogenMod 5.0.7 using the E911 radio from the Dream




If you are having problems getting your Data plan to work after rooting then you may have to manually set your APN settings. Here are the settings that you’d need

APN Settings:

Name: Rogers
APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 302
MNC: 72
Authentication type:
APN Type:


125 Responses to “Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.8 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio”

  1. Ken Says:

    I can confirm that this works on my HTC Magic+!! I’m on Fido and from past experience, my data would disconnect after a day or so using the radio. I’m so glad I saw your post on XDA because I didn’t know that I could put a Dream radio on the Magic! This is awesome because a lot of ROMs out there (including CM) are still built for the 3.XX radio as opposed to 6.35 newer ones.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      That makes two if us that are running this way now. I didn’t fill out the waiver as I haven’t been using my Magic, I’ll try it out tomorrow to see if my data gets cut.

    • Ken Says:

      So far so good 🙂 No data loss at all. By the way, there’s a hotfix for an audio issue at

      I’ve bookmarked the xda page as I’m sure there’ll be upcoming updates to CM5 in the near future before it comes to a final release version.. but wow, no FC’s for me so far even though this is supposed to be a test/experimental version. Another little thing I like about CM is that the signal icon at the top doesn’t show as roaming (I’m on Fido) despite the fact that every other ROM I’ve tried does. This means I don’t have to turn on “data roaming” in order to get a 3G connection.

  2. jonney5 Says:

    Well that makes three of us… U Rock… Thanks for all of your hard work…


  3. Joel Says:

    Make that three trying it out. I also didn’t sign the wavier so lets all hope for the best. But the install went easily and everything appears to be working. Thanks for everything GreatBigDog!

  4. Ken Says:

    Is anyone experiencing worse battery life with this radio?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      I find the battery life has suffered a bit but it’s much better than it was with the Magic E911 update. I still have plenty of battery left at the end if the day.

    • Typoboy Says:

      I am noticing my the battery on my dream is draining a lot faster as well. I wasn’t sure if this was due to CM 5.07 or using the Dream Radio. If it is the radio, maybe signing the waiver and using the pre E911Magic radio is the way to go? Not sure how easy it would be to flash that though..

      Thanks for creating the guide BTW!


      • Typoboy Says:

        sorry, the battery on my *magic* is draining faster. Seems like it has significantly improved with T5 though, maybe the radio is alright

  5. Vikingisson Says:

    worked for me although the initial RUU failed at the last moment causing me to RUU the official 911 rom (that I never had) and then doing this again. Happily running cyan again.
    Only gripe is that the phone is branded again with that rogers logo at bootup. Anyone know a way to get rid of it again? One method is to do the euro RUU again but then how to get the old dream radio on it without another RUU (which will re-brand it). I don’t see the hboot and radio available as .img, only as .zip which might work but I’m nervous unless done the cursorsense way.

  6. Cole Says:

    Just did this yesterday. Thanks for the great step-by-step. Works awesome. Not sure about battery life, seems worse, but I spent so much time trying out 2.0+ apps, it could be just that. I am surprised by the speediness compared to the 1.5 Sense. Glad I did this.

  7. Jay Says:


    I am unable to access recovery mode in step 29. If I attempt to do so, it sits and waits at the Rogers boot screen indefinitely. If I allow the OS to boot normally, everything seems OK.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Jay,

      Try flashing the recovery again, make sure that you have the correct one. If you followed the entire procedure from top to bottom then you actually end up flashing 2 different recoveries.

      1. recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img
      2. recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2H.img

      Make sure that it’s the 2nd one you flash in step 28.

      If you still have problems after this, boot your phone into fastboot and reply with the SPL and Radio information.


  8. Jay Says:

    Fixed my own issue: The download recovery recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2H.img was corrupt.

    Suggestion to add md5sums to the directions, as some download locations to not give this information.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Here is the MD5 Sum for that file right out of my post.


      I’ll check them all later but I know that I tried to include them all.


  9. Stevan Says:

    I followed all the directions and everything is working except my data plan :(. Any idea on how I can troubleshoot this?

  10. Disha Says:


    I followed the instructions to the T and even got the Eclair up and running with data. However, after about a day my 3G data connection isn’t coming back anymore.
    It seems I’ve lost it.
    Can someone help me?


  11. GreatBigDog Says:

    @Stevan @Disha

    Can you confirm that you flashed the Dream radio. If you enter fastboot (volume down + power) you should see the radio version listed at

  12. GreatBigDog Says:

    @Stevan @Disha

    Strange, you’re the first people that have reported having their data cut off by Rogers when running on that Radio. My suggestion would be to call Rogers tech support and play dumb. Just tell them that your phone has been working all along and now you are starting to have problems with your data connection. Ask them if they can perform a network refresh for you.

    While the tech performs the network refresh shut your phone off and leave it off for about 20min.

    That should get your data back. If Rogers ends up cutting it again you may have to look at signing the waiver to get them to stop cutting your data. You can find a link to the waiver near the bottom of my previous post.

    Hope this helps….


    • Disha Says:

      So you don’t think it’s because I have 3.22.20-17 instead of 3.22.26-17 ?

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Download the new Dream Radio from step 11 above and copy it into your tools folder.

        Reboot your phone into fastboot (volume down + power), press the back button once you see the 3 androids on skateboards at the bottom.


        Open up a command prompt on your PC and navigate to your tools folder. Enter the following commands.

        fastboot devices
        fastboot flash radio

        Reboot into fastboot and make sure that the radio was installed correctly. If so just reboot your phone and then call into Rogers tech support for a network refresh to get your data back. With that radio your data shouldn’t be cut anymore.


      • Disha Says:

        It says

        HBOOT-1.76.2007 (SAPP50000)
        Aug 21 2009, 18:19:15

        So I’m guessing the SPL is incorrect?

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Right the SPL is incorrect. Something happened around step 20 and the Rogers RUU did not get installed correctly. or you flashed the incorrect SPL on line 24.

        SPL 1.76.x are not for use with the 3.22.X radio’s. Try rerunning the procedure again from line 21. Pay close attention to the names of the files that you are flashing so that you flash the correct ones.

        Do a Nandroid backup before you do anything though.


      • Disha Says:

        Thanks again for all your help. I upgraded with all the correct zip files (btw some of the steps are mislabeled around 21 through 24) and I called Rogers and they did a network refresh for me too. Really appreciate your help.

    • Stevan Says:

      After a network refresh from rogers I can confirm that 3G is working as well. Thanks for this tutorial! It was easy, but very long 🙂

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        It is long and could probably be shortened up. But it’s the exact steps that I took to root my Magic+ and therefore is a route that I know will work for people trying to get Root on their Magic’s.

  13. vikingisson Says:

    yes, you need 26.17 to stay clear of the data cut. I’ve been on it for several weeks and so far I’m ok.

  14. Mark Says:


    Thank you for the hardwork 🙂

    The current version of the Cyanogenmod is 5.0.7 (released on May 25, 2010)

    I had a little bit of problem on step 20…. the ruu wasn’t able to connect to my phone and flash it… I had to extract the and rename it to and place it on the sdcard to flash with HBoot.

    Thanks again GreatBigDog

    • Tyler Says:

      I am having the same problem on step 20. But I am not sure where you extracted the from. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.


      P.S. Thanks GreatBigDog for the guide!

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hi Tyler, step 20 is applying a second ruu, not sure what file your talking about. Can you be more specific?

      • Tyler Says:

        The problem I am encountering is that I get error [170] when trying to apply the second ruu. I had no problems applying the first ruu using my Windows 7 machine.

        I have installed the latest version of HTC and adb recognises my Magic the ruu fails when I try to appy it.

        Mark had said that he extracted the file and flashed it from the SD card, I was wondering how he extracted it so I could give this a shot.


      • Tyler Says:

        Found a link on how to extract the

        Followed the instructions, copied the, renamed it as Mark suggested and it worked a treat!


    • Max Says:

      I had the same problem, and I found how to fix it without having to extract the rom from the RUU (which would not work for me).

      I did this running Windows 7 64 bit with HTC Sync 2.0.8 (would not work with later versions).

      1- Connect the phone via USB, make sure you have debugging enabled on the phone.
      2- Launch the RUU. This causes the drivers to reset. However, I found that the drivers that load up when the RUU is running are not the right ones. You actually need to go in the device manager and change the android phone drivers to the “My HTC” drivers as described there:

      3- Bingo ! with the new drivers loaded the HTC icon becomes green (indicating successfull communication with the phone), and the RUU runs successfully.

      Remebmer, this has to be done with the RUU running all along ! If you change the drivers with the RUU not running as soon as you load it the drivers will reset and revert back to the wrong ones !

      Good luck.

  15. Paul L Says:

    great job and big thanks for instructions!

    I am getting error 130 model id error on step 16. Any ideas?


    • GreatBigDog Says:

      you probably had a problem on step 13 where you created the goldcard. Try reformatting the SD card and trying it again. If it still doesn’t work you will have to pick up a different SD card to create your goldcard.


      • Paul L Says:

        Thank you, that was it! I re-followed goldcard creation steps and got it to work. My phone is running great now!

  16. Jeff Says:

    I really want to root my magic, but i’m pretty scared to brick my phone…
    also if rogers were to put out a 2.1 update in the future and i rooted my phone to CM5.0.7, would i be able to “unroot” my phone and update to the rogers firmware?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Rooting your phone the first (or even each subsequent time) can be a scary experience. If in the future you want to go back to the Rogers firmware (can’t see why you would want to) all you need to do is to put your goldcard back into the phone and run the Ruu update from Rogers.

      If the 2.1 update is OTA and not a RUU, you could just apply the current RUU and then wait for the OTA update.

      Either way, you are not stuck with a rooted phone. I would say however that if you are planning on going back to the Rogers firmware when 2.1 is available then you shouldn’t root your phone just for the sake of waiting another 6 weeks or so. No matter how slight, there is always the chance that you could brick your phone during the rooting process and it’s not worth it unless you’re in it for the long term.


  17. prabjit Says:

    hey i was just wondering because the links you posted for CM are unavailable. Do i just use all the links on

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      That’s the one. The CM Forum had crashed a couple of days ago and had to be rebuilt thus anything linking to the forum had the links broken.

      Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve updated my post with a new link to the appropriate thread on CyanogenMod Forums

  18. prabjit Says:

    i just tried it and got to step 16 then got model id was wrong error.. im too scared now to try it again haha

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      reformat your sd card and redo step 13. You are getting the error because something went wrong when you created the goldcard. If it still doesn’t work after that, you may have to try a different sd card to create your goldcard or find someone who has one and use theirs.

  19. can i use this method to root the htc magic+? - Android Forums Says:

    […] Magic+, but yes you can root it. Here is a link to the method that I used to root my Magic+. Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio The GreatBigDog Report If anybody else has anything that's a little less involved please jump in and supply a link. gbd […]

  20. Installing a new Rom on pre911 Magic - Android Forums Says:

    […] on lines 1,6,7,8,9 and 11 from my guide. If you already have the Android SDK you can forget Line 1. Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio The GreatBigDog Report 2. Extract the Android SDK to the hard drive on your PC. Find the Tools folder in the SDK and copy […]

  21. Nate Says:

    How long should the flash in step 22 take? Mine seems to be taking quite a while…not sure if it’s working or not.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      There is no file being flashed on step 22. Which step did you intend to write?

      • Nate Says:

        sorry, i figured that out, got it all working, thanks for the step by step!

        now if I could only understand why it’s chewing through my entire battery in 9 hours. Claiming 84% is being used by cell standby…

  22. Todd Says:

    GBD, thanks so much for a great step by step tutorial! The MD5’s are definitely handy as it helped me discover one of the files didn’t download properly.

    I’m stuck on step 16 but get a different error than the others. It’s saying ERROR (170): USB CONNECTION ERROR. I’m quite sure the phone is connected as I’m able to mount and unmount the SD card. I have also verified that HTC Sync can see the phone when it’s connected.

    Do you think this is also a problem with the goldcard? I tried using this program ( to create the goldcard and it still didn’t work. I’m using the SD card that originally came with the Magic, maybe I need to start with a brand new card? It all appears to be fine as the header bytes are the same as what I copied from the goldcard img, and I don’t get any errors reported back by the phone nor Windows when the card is mounted.

    I also tried running RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver on a different computer and got the same error.

    Any ideas?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hello Todd, the problem could be with your goldcard or it could be with the drivers on your pc. Do you have htc sync installed and working on your pc? You could also try putting your phone into debugging mode (settings-applications-development-turn on usb debugging.

      • Todd Says:

        I first tried applying the Europe RUU on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine with HTC Sync installed which failed. I then tried the RUU on an XP machine but hadn’t installed HTC Sync. I installed HTC Sync and now get to the point where I can actually do the Update! I’ll let you know how it goes tonight when I have more time to do everything. Thanks!

  23. Todd Says:

    Thanks again, I got everything working and so far it’s great!

    Some comments on the steps:
    • Step 20 says: “We are not at a known starting point”, should read “now” instead of “not”
    • Step 21/23: rather than download and install Astro, I just did: adb install flashrec-1.1.1-20090908.apk

  24. Greg Says:

    Can I safely flash the radio with HBOOT-1.33.2010 (SAPP50000)? My current radio is

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Yes you can. I’ve moved over that SPL as well.

      I just haven’t changed my guide yet to that SPL as I’m working on a simpler version of the guide.

  25. John Says:

    Quick question before I take the plunge – – Step 14 is to copy all the files to the SD card. I assume that is the newly created gold card? Or is a seperate “clean” SD card?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      You can just copy the files to your freshly created Goldcard, no need to get a separate SD card.

      Have fun, make sure you re-read instructions, watch the file names, and enjoy CyanogenMod.


      • John Says:

        I’ve read, re-read, and printed out all of your instructions(and bits from here and the android fourm where poeple went wrong, and how to fix it..) It seems fairly straight forward. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • John Says:

        I’m having gold card issues (Model ID fails on step 16…)… Anyone in the Cambridge/Kitchener area have a working gold card?

  26. john Says:

    Got my goldcard working the other night, no problems after that. Did the whole process without wifi, 3g or sim card by installing flash recorder with adb

  27. New User, first smartphone, first root - Android Forums Says:

    […] out to be a Magic+, at least as far as Rom/SPL is concerned. Going to have a go at this I guess: Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio The GreatBigDog Report Other people seem to have found success. Can you post a link of the CL add? I'd probably do that […]

  28. Guy Says:

    This is amazing!!!! Excellent work!!! i have to admit it was really scary :S but i did it and now wow… it’s amazing. Once again good work

    • Guy Says:

      i just have a question do i have to keep the goldcard once the phone is rooted? or once its over can i change sd?

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hi Guy,

        Once you have run the 2nd RUU, you won’t need the Goldcard anymore and you can swap it out for any other SD that you want. You might however want to keep it laying around somewhere just in case, a bud or two decide to take the plunge.


  29. Guy Says:

    Is there people experiencing probleme with the signal?
    It’s been four days now since I rooted my phone but it’s been two days that some people are telling me my phone is off but it is on and it show that i have full signal… any clue what’s the prob?

  30. CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) on post e911 magic - Page 4 - Android Forums Says:

    […] just got a post E911 Dream from a friend and I have been following your guide: Rogers post E911 Magic to CM 5.0.7 (Android 2.1) with Dream E911 Radio The GreatBigDog Report But it seems as though a couple of links are down, namel in steps number, 6 & 7 I am unsure […]

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Sorry about the broken links. Until I can get to a computer to properly edit my post, I’ve added links that you can copy into your browsers navigation bar.

      You do know however that this procedure won’t work on a post E911 Dream. It’s intended for the Magic only.

  31. bobby Says:

    Hey mate, thanks for the great guide, i got a Dream recently from a buddy and after looking had nearly lost hope for any kind of moddinig after reading about the E911 update.

    BUT, I just need some help, this is my first time hacking a Dream and it seems that the links in steps 6 & 7 are down (I am assuming because they lead to outdated releases) would you mind linking me to alternatives to those links?


  32. bobby Says:

    Hmmm just noticed that you commented that this will not work on a Dream…is there anything I can do that you know of to get cyanogenmod on my post 911 Dream?


  33. trent Says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m planning to give it a try tomorrow, and hopefully all goes well. I’ve never rooted an Android Phone, but I’ve messed around with a WinMo phone a bit in the past.

    One question…I’ve actually moved to the US and don’t even have a sim in the phone most of the time, but just use the wifi. My phone’s unlocked, and eventually I’ll get a plan with a US carrier. Is it still ok to go through with the root as described here? Will the new radio here work with a US carrier, or should I look to use a different radio if I plan to eventually use T-Mobile (yes, I know I won’t be able to get 3G with TMo, but only with AT&T in the US).

  34. KenW Says:

    I am on the edge of giving this a try on my post911 Magic+ but I have a couple of questions first:
    -Does this assume that the pc being used is running Windows? I could find one of those but I am using ubuntu linux here.
    – CyanogenMod-5.0.8 is out. Does that change the files to download or will the updater just take care of that after completing the steps above

    • trent Says:

      I just used this to root my phone yesterday, and used the new CM-5.0.8 (there are urls in the post to the 5.0.8 files, they’re just not hotlinked). Everything went smoothly for me, and 5.0.8 seems to be running perfectly.

      The tutorial does assume Windows for the most part, though I’m sure you could find linux tools that would work too. I’d recommend something other than Win7, since I couldn’t seem to get the RUUs to find my phone until I hooked it up to an XP machine.

    • Tyler Says:

      Hey KenW,

      While I also use Ubuntu Linux, I haven’t been able to get fastboot to work and haven’t figured how to get in installed on my Linux machine. I know there are some differences between the Android SDK on Linux and windows (ie Windows has to install USB drivers, where as Linux does not) but I am not sure if thats the case for the fastboot utility (I don’t think so but haven’t dug around enough to figure out how to get fastboot working on Linux.

      When I rooted my Magic using the procedure above I used my wife’s Windows 7 machine and had no problems except at step 20 as noted above (the work around is noted there as well).

      As far as CM5.0.8 goes, the only change would be to make sure you download and flash the correct EB1 kernel (5.0.8) after flashing the rom itself. Made that mistake when I tried to update my phone yesterday… 😀

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  36. KenW Says:

    Something I posted to the forum showed up partially above. Looks like this is the place to go for the questions I have.

    In the forum thread at
    I gather that the Rogers Magic+ comes with the post 911 mod already installed. It seems to be saying that I have to wait until someone breaks the SPL. But this blog post seems to layout the instructions for the Magic+.

    Does this mean I have to wait or that the instructions above will work on my htc?

    I have a feeling I am asking a dumb question . . . . oh well. Better to find out now than half way through the steps that need to be taken.


    • GreatBigDog Says:

      The post you are speaking about at Androidforums predates this blog entry. This procedure will give you a rooted Magic+. There is no difference between a Magic+ and Magic with E911 update.

  37. KenW Says:

    Thanks for this guide. I am making some progress with it but have run into a problem. I have made a gold card for the sd card that came with the phone. Hopefully I have that right although I got disk i/o errors trying to use HxD to edit the file so I used linux to dd the image file to the card. That seemed to work, at least the file in file out numbers played out normally.

    Then I tried step “16. With the SD card in your Magic, run the RUU “RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe”
    from a windows machine. The install screen on the desktop ran and the program talked to the phone, going through a series of steps. Just when I thought it was nearly done the desktop said “[Error 130]: Model ID ERROR” and told me to get the current ROM update and try again. The phone screen with the 3 cute droids at the bottom listed various bits of debug info that I have noted down but ends with “Checking Model ID . .. . Update Fail.” I exited the RUU and the phone rebooted.

    Just in case that is normal (which I don’t suppose it is) I tried step 17

    adb devices showed the device number
    adb shell produced a “$” prompt instead of “#”
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img
    produced and error writing recovery: Permission denied.

    So, does this mean the gold card I made is no good or?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      You’re going to have to try performing the Goldcard procedure again. That’s the source of your problems. If it still doesn’t work you’ll have to try a different sd.

  38. KenW Says:

    Finally, I have a working gold card. I wasn’t able to get the HxD editor to save the file without IO errors so, using the 2g sandisk card that came with the phone, I saved the goldcard img file to a notebook running ubuntu linux. From their, the command dmesg told me it had mounted the card in the notebook as sdb:sdb1, so from there sudo dd if=goldcard.img of=/dev/sdb bs=384. The RUU ran to completion and it even congratulated me! Now on to the next step.

  39. KenW Says:

    Step 23 says:. “Using Astro, navigate to and flashrec-1.1.1 which should be on the root of your SD card . . .” Is there something missing? Navigate to what? Can’t find flashrec on the sd card? Hmm, I must be missing something obvious.

    • KenW Says:

      Oh, I see there is a numbering problem in the instructions there. Do I do the second 22, before I do 23? How does one go to the Recovery Flasher?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      You should have downloaded flashec in step 5 and copied it to the root of the sd in step 14. If you didn’t, go back & check to make sure you have all the files downloaded and copied to the correctet places.

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Line 21 should say “navigate to and select” does that help

  40. Rene Says:

    Awesome guide. Suuuuuper appreciated.

    Just a note that I was also getting a usb connection error (#171) on step 16. I disabled the usb debugging mode and it worked afterward.

    One other thing I had done, that I don’t think matters, during the failed attempt at step 16, was click cancel on htc sync when it’s phone connection wizard launches. I just left it in the background during the successful implementation of step 16

  41. Ryan Says:

    I am confused… I am using a mac… maybe you can help me out a bit? What does it mean to “copy it to the root of one of the drives”?

    As well… when you say “16. With the SD card in your Magic, run the RUU “RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe” do you mean from the phone? Like while in the phone to find the file and launch it? Im a bit of a newb!

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I afraid that my knowledge of Macs is slim to none and I’m not even sure if some of this will work on a Mac. We do have someone working on a guide to Root the Magic using a Mac but I’m unsure of when it will be completed.

      By the root of the drive, I mean the top level folder/directory (whatever you call them on a mac) In Windows the physical HD is given a letter designation so the root of the first HD would be c:\

      The “RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver.exe” file would be run from the Mac not the phone. You may need to run in some sort of compatibility mode to enable your Mac to run a 32bit Windows program but as I said I don’t know Macs at all.

      • Ryan Says:

        Ok, Ill just use a windows computer. Ill let you know how it turns out!

      • Ryan Says:

        I also forgot to ask… is there a procedure to root the dream rather than the magic? Thanks for your help.

  42. Jam Says:

    TYVM GBD for this excellent guide, worked perfectly.

    One question though, can we use a different recovery image? Or do we have to use the one from your guide?

  43. Frank L Says:

    Hi, I am unable to launch “RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoDriver” at the step 16. My Magic is plugged into my computer, but it says “USB connexion error”. Could you help me? I use Windows 7 x64.


  44. Jam Says:

    My phone wont send any MMS. I input your APN settings listed. Any ideas?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi jam, I’m not sure why you would be having that problem. I didn’t even have to input the APN settings manually, best answer I can give you is to try posting you question in the forum over at

  45. Cybik Says:


    Dude, a GreatBigThanks to you! I successfully rooted my Magic+ back to CyanogenMod6 😀

    Note: I also force-flashed the radio back in the cellphone, as well as the 1.76.2007 SPL. For reference, I’m using Cursor’s recovery-RA-Magic32A-6.35-v1.6.2 image, so that it doesn’t random-reboot/freeze at recovery – the standard AmonRA-HeroForSapphire does that.

  46. Ryan Says:

    Hey it worked! Thanks!!!

    I wanted to know… is it possible for me to simply continue updating the cyanogen mod to later versions as normal? Or do I need to follow some certain procedure? Thanks!

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Mostly between the same Android versions, it’s OK to just Flash the new CM update and kernel port over top of the existing one using recovery. Between Android versions it is however recomended to wipe the phone before flashing. Example

      5.0.7 to 5.0.8 (Both Android 2.1)
      Do a Nand backup
      Flash CM update
      Flash matching kernel port

      5.0.8 to 6.0.0 (Android 2.1 to 2.2
      Do a Nand backup
      Wipe phone
      Flash CM update
      Flash matching kernel port
      Flash Gapps package

      Either way, make sure you do the Nand backup so if something goes wrong you can just restore and be right back to where you started.

      • Ryan Says:

        Awesome thanks! BTW I wanted to know if your procedure works for the Rogers HTC dream. Thanks for all your help!

      • GreatBigDog Says:

        Hello Ryan,

        Sorry but this procedure won’t work for the Rogers HTC Dream. The RUU that is run to break the perfect SPL on the Magic is not compatible with the Dream and there has not been a new RUU released for the Dream.

  47. Jeff Says:

    took the plunge, gotta say

    this is hella sweet. thanks a lot GBD , great tutorial
    it took me a while but 100% worth it

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it. There should be a stable CyanogenMod 6.x (Android 2.2) out in the next week or so that you can upgrade to. That is of course if you’re not already running the RC1 version 🙂 You can watch the forum over at or follow Cyanogen on Twitter to keep up to date on new versions.


  48. Tech Says:

    Thank you x a babillion.

    Install takes a while but this made my Magic SO much more useful/fast/sexy. Battery life still blows. Will check some of the tips on-line.

    I’m on Fido and can’t tell you how nice it is to see the roaming symbol gone.
    Will be trying Froyo 2.2 build once it’s been tested a bit more.

    FYI – Fido seems to scan aggressively – I lost my 3G data during the overnight after upgrade and I had to do a network refresh FYI. They must have seen the wrong radio for a second and flagged it for shutdown?

  49. Victor Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    No more waiting for Rogers. Updated to 2.1 just fine, but i tried updating to CM6 and i’m stuck on the nexus one splash screen ( i think thats what it’s called. The blue X.) It just keeps repeating itself. I followed what you said in a previous response to Ryan. Got the kernel from the cyanogen wiki. Any ideas what could be wrong?

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Check the md5sums for all the files you download and make sure that they are correct. You can find the md5sums on the page where you downloaded the cm6 files from.

      Make sure you have all the files….. CM6, kernel port & Gapps

      Make sure that you Nand backup and wipe before trying to flash CM6 and then if it is still giving you problems, try just intalling CM6 and the kernel port by themselves, reboot, then install gapps.

      There have been reports of people having to attempt multiple times to get CM6 flashed, so keep at it. If it ends up not working just restore your Nand backup of 5.0.8 and you’ll at least have a working phone.

      • Victor Says:

        It worked! Tried it without the gapps and it worked. Then I tried to install gapps and it didn’t work. Turned out I was using the wrong gapps. So now it works.
        FroYo FTW! I do miss Sense UI though.
        Thanks again!

  50. Mike Says:

    No matter what I do, I keep getting error 171… On step 16

    • GreatBigDog Says:

      Hi Mike,

      It’s your Goldcard that’s giving you grief. You’ll have to reformat the sd and retry the procedure to create it. If it still doesn’t work you may need to pickup another 2GB micro SD and try it with that, or if you have a friend that has one, you can use their Goldcard to run the RUU

    • Denis Says:

      I am stuck at step 16 to with error 170.
      I have windows 7 32 bits.
      HTC sync is working, my phone (HTC magic from rogers canada) is recognized.
      I made 2 goldcards…
      I will try with an XP PC.

  51. Sylvain Says:

    Hi, heres the info of my phone, do u think I can do this guide

    Rogers HTC Magic+

    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jan 14 2010,00:14:58

    Device: Sapphire
    Model: HTC Magic
    Board: Sapphire
    Product: HTC Magic
    Brand: Rogers
    Release 1.5
    SDK: 3
    Build: CUPCAKE.eng.u70000.20100114.191317

  52. PCHTC Says:

    i have been on rogers new radio (6.35) since March
    i just used this guide to downgrade to (dream radio)
    i was fine for 4 days
    now rogers has cut off my data
    anyone else with issues on
    i thought we were safe
    u think they have caught on to us
    maybe they are looking at the build.prop

    is there anything else i should be dooing

  53. vikingisson Says:

    I don’t think that R is shutting down Magics with the old radio, at least it hasn’t happened to me yet.

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