Reverting HTC Magic to pre Rogers 911 Update

** For anyone wanting to take the phone direct to CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (Android 2.1), see my next post here. **

We knew it was just a matter of time until someone came up with a procedure to get rooting ability back to the HTC Magic and that time is up. Here is a guide to getting your Magic back to the state it was before the Rogers 911 patch was applied to it. This was performed without a SIM card in the phone so as not to get caught by the Rogers system and have the data blocked.

1. First step is to create a GoldCard. If you don’t know the procedure for doing this, you can use this meathod

2. Download the RUU that will flash over the Rogers 911 update RUU

3. Download the original Rogers RUU from July 2009.

4. Now Make sure that your Magic is fully charged, the Goldcard is in the phone and the phone is plugged into your PC via USB. Run the RUU named


5. After the update has completed and the phone has rebooted, Run the RUU named


Congratulations you have now reverted your Rogers Magic back to before the 911 Mandatory update and can procede to follow your favorite rooting guide. I continued on to install cyanogen and will post a guide on what steps I took to get it installed and running but I won’t have that guide ready for you until at least tomorrow morning. One thing that you have to note however is that there are few Rom’s that are compatible with the new Rogers radio for the magic. Currently you will either have to limit the choices that you have with your ROM’s and run the new radio or keep the old EBI1 radio / switch to EBI0 radio and have a better selection. If you go the second route you will have to fill out the Rogers waiver if you don’t want Rogers to cut off your data.


Rooted Magic


3 Responses to “Reverting HTC Magic to pre Rogers 911 Update”

  1. DGfromMTL Says:

    Hmm… first RUU ran/updated…

    I’m doing this with my SIM out, just incase/

    but second RUU giving me boatloader version error update failure..???

  2. JC Says:

    I have the same failure message. Is it due to the wireless version

  3. htc magic man23 Says:

    same here!

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