Intimate time with Xperia X10

Thanks to Rogers Wireless, over the next while I’ll be spending some intimate time with the SE X peria X10. I’ll be bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly of the phone, hopfully more good than otherwise . I only received the device last night and there are few things that i don’t like right off of the bat and others that I rather liked. I am however going to give the device a chance and use it for several days to see if I can get used to the differences beore I post anything about it.

One drawback that i noticed right out if the box however, was the lack of a slip pouch for the phone. No amount of getting used to the devce is going to change my oppinion on this. You would think that for the cost of the device, that this is something SE would have inclued in the package. There are also no accesories for the X10 on the Rogers website, leaving users on their own if they want to find some means to protect the screen. Hopefully this is an ovesight that will be rectified soon.

The phone is a beautiful well constructed device and the UI is well thought out. Too bad that SE decieded to limit the available home screens to 3 (same as stock android), I have gotten used to the 7 screens that come with HTC Sense. My inital reaction to the keyboard and lack of a track ball is not favourable but some more usage may change my oppinion on it. Inital use of the light (its not a flash) did not produce any useable pictures, but the lighting conditions were somewhat less than idleal.

I’m finding that the touch input is overly sensitive when scrolling and I keep on opening applications without meaning too. Again as I get used to the device this will probally become a non issue.

The accelerometer also could use a little smoothing, a couple of level apps that I tried make it look like I can’t hold my hand still.

One thing to note, I didn’t experience any of the UI lagging that I’ve seen reported on some of the pre release devices. It’s a different experience using using this phone, so far not a bad one, just different. I’ll get the phone all loaded up over the next few days and give each feature on the phone a good workout.



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