My Ultimate Android Dream Device

Imagine if you will, an Android phone that was running on a multi core Intel processor. This phone had all the bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect from android phones except that’s its better, faster, stronger than any phone that has been released to date. The phone comes with a beautiful 4″ oled display and 12mp camera with dual led flash (or something better). And is running the newest version of Android.

Sounds like a great phone so far doesn’t it. But now imagine if one of the options that you could purchase was a 10″ lcd touch screen that your phone can just snap into. This nice large screen also includes a front facing camera for video conferening, an extended battery and every sort of interface you could hope for.

Imagine also if this great screen also included a mobile base and Bluetooth keyboard / mouse. What if your Android phone was capable of running Chrome os and connecting to googles cloud to run Google docs and such.

Now imagine another dock for the phone itself but one that enabled a pc to have full access to the capabilities of the phones resources and enable the pc to run apps on the phone and have them seem like they are running right on the pc.

One more dock for your car that integrates your phone into the Google entertainment system of your car and to the included heads-up nav display. Also connecting to the optional rear seat multimedia displays.

So what do you think? Would this be going beyond a tablet, beyond a charging and syncing dock.? Of course it is, this is the sort of device that I’ve been waiting for. if you were looking for an iPhone / iPad killer, the device imagined here would be the one to do it.

What would you add to the ultimate Android phone?


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