Dealing with HTC on Magic problems

I decided to take a stab at dealing directly with HTC technical support regarding the issues that I’ve been having with My HTC Magic. I sent in a Technical support request via HTC’s convenient web form located on their site.

Here is what I sent them

Ever since I’ve had the 911 update that you supplied to Rogers Wireless, I’ve had nothing but problems with my Magic. Rogers has done their best to help even to the extent of replacing my device with the Magic+. Here are some of the issues that I’ve been having.

1. Occasionally I will get a “Force Close” on sense UI, only happens about once a week and I don’t see any reason why it’s doing it. When this happens the phone will go back to the black screen with HTC in the middle and then the UI reloads.

2. At least once a day my phone will get in the situation that the WiFi and 3G (or Edge) indicators are on at the same time. When this happens my Wireless data will not work until the phone has been rebooted. If I don’t notice it when I’m connected to WiFi, I won’t ever know that data is not working.

3. 4 times in the last week my phone has been on the network operators settings page when the phone is woken up from sitting for an extended period. When checked the signal strength indicator has an X through it and if I attempt to call, I get a message saying that I’m not connected to the network. Requires a reboot of the phone to be able to make a call.

IMO, this update that you have provided to the customers of Rogers Wireless has more bugs and issues that what it replaced. Now, I don’t have to worry if my phone will reboot if I dial 911, I have to worry if it will work at all.

This is unacceptable, What is HTC going to do about this situation.

I don’t know about HTC but to me this looks like a support request from a customer that’s at the end of his rope with the problems that his device is having (which by the way I am). In response I get the following from one of the members of HTC Tech support.

Thank you for your inquiry about your Roger Magic. I understand the importance of having a device that functions properly. I will be more than happy to address this for you. First, I recommend performing a soft reset opn the device. This is done by powering the phone off, then removing the battery for 30 seconds. Then reinstall the battery and evaluate the results.

If the soft reset does not resolve the issue, I recommend performing a hard reset on the device. NOTE: Performing a hard reset will delete all of your personal data from the device and reset it to the factory settings of the current ROM. Please ensure that you data is backed up to your Gmail account before proceeding. Hard Reset the device, go to: Home> Menu> Settings> Security> factory Data Reset. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the reset. Allow the device a few minutes to clear the storage, then test the phone.

In the case where the hard reset does not fix the issue, you would need to continue to work with your carrier to obtain a repair or replacement device. I do apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. I hope we have answered your questions in detail. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further technical inquiries, we will be more than happy to assist you with them. Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support.

Hmm. Was my email even read. In the fist paragraph of the support request that I had sent, I stated that My Carrier (Rogers Wireless) already replaced the device for me. I also stated that the new one was still undergoing the same issues. Anyway, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my first note, so I logged back into my ticket and left a response for the gentleman that sent me the email. We shall see if this gets me anywhere with them.

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I’ve already tried all of your suggestions. I had also reapplied the RRU update to my device and that didn’t help either. My carrier (Rogers Wireless) replaced my Magic already with a Magic+ and this device is experiencing the same issues.

These problems were non-existing before the update that HTC supplied to Rogers to fix the issue of the phone randomly rebooting when dialing 911 in a e911 coverage area. This can only lead me to believe that the issues that I’m having with the phone were caused by your update. It doesn’t matter how many times that Rogers replaces my device, if the problem exists in the software, replacing it will not fix the problem.

Another reason that leads me to believe that its related to the update is that my 3g data lockup only seams to occur when applications that use the phones location service try and use the GPS while I’m connected to WiFi. I believe that the area that would have required patching to fix e911 problem involved the GPS and data connectivity. I also had never experienced any problems with the devices UI rebooting until sense UI was introduced.

In conclusion, this is a real problem that exists with the update that you produced and supplied to Rogers Wireless and HTC choosing to ignore it will not make it go away.



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