Should Google consider Palm?

I’ve seen lots of blogs lately where bloggers and people from the tech industry are adding their opinions and predictions to the discussions about who should or would make the best candidate for the purchase of Palm. Well here is my .02 to add to the fray.
What about Google?
If Google purchased Palm they would be getting their hands on all of Palms patients in the mobile industry, and as everyone knows there is alot of them. Having these patents would certainly be of a great advantage to Google in defending Android against Apples, or any other, patent suits.
Google would then have their hands on a competing OS and more importantly nobody else would have their hands on it. Google could license it out for use as they see fit or just kill it all together.
Google would own the Palm name, Palm is still a highly recognized name in North America and could still be a viable competitor in the mobile phone market here. If google contracted its partners to manufacture devices with the Palm name, they would all be winners. After all, in the end the manufactures want to sell devices and Google want’s devices out there that they can be assured will be carrying Google’s services.
Palms manufacturing capability could be sold off or leased out to another handset manufacture. We’ve all seen times when mobile device manufactures just can’t keep up with demand with the release of a popular new device. Wouldn’t it be great if the manufactures could pre-lease manufacturing capabilities in anticipation of a high spike in demand.
Lastly Palm still has a core of talented people who would be at the disposal of Google for use in its own development of services.

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