My Ten most used Android Apps

Here is a list of my 10 most used Android Applications, not necessarily in any particular order. This doesn’t include some of the applications that came with my phone, some of which I use more than a few in this list.
Other high use apps that I have are (Thinking space, Barcode Scanner, My Tracks, OI Shopping List, OI Notepad, WordPress and GDocs)
#1 Astrid
Astrid is my task manager, without it I’d be completely lost. It’s a great app and it uses some different ways to prod you along on your daily tasks. IMO it’s probably the best one available in the Market (Free or Paid). While it doesn’t offer a direct connection to sync with Google, you can sync with Remember the Milk and from there with Google. It has the ability to tag your tasks for different environments like @home or @work. It has a Local plugin and offers a Home Screen widget.
#2 Handcent SMS
All I can say is that whatever you wished you could do with the stock SMS application, Handcent probably has the ability to perform. If your OS is not up to Android 2.1 it also offers Voice to text capabilities so you can speak your messages. Handcent SMS offers uber customizations so that you can have it looking just the way you want. There is also a pop-up quick reply for the lock screen so you don’t have to unlock your phone to reply to a message.
3. Seesmic
While none of the Twitter clients out there is perfect, I find that for my use Seesmic comes the closest. It does have holes in it where there are other apps that can perform specific tasks that Seesmic can’t but those other apps IMO have more issues than Seesmic does. I’ve been having a few Force Close messages since the last update but not so many as to make me switch to anything else I’ve tried and I’m sure that Seesmic will have these fix in the next update. One thing that I wish it had, is a home screen widget for doing a quick tweet without opening the app.
4. Nimbuzz
You want to talk about an app that is fully featured, it’s Nimbuzz. I use this application as my default client for Skype, Google Talk, MSM, and Facebook. In addition to these it also offers connections to Yahoo messenger, AIM, MySpace, ICQ and a few other that I haven’t heard of before. Unlike the other Messenger/Skype app out there (Fring) Nimbuzz will reconnect when you move between wifi and 3g data connections.
5. c:geo
Hands down the best GeoCaching application for Android, connects to your account at and downloads all of the information regarding caches in your current area. You can also search for caches based on Lat/Lon and/or address. Cache positions can be displayed on a map and you can use turn by turn, compass, or radar (you will need to install radar app) to track down the cache that you’re interested in. You can directly log your visit to each cache using the application and “Found” caches will show as found on the map.c:geo is currently in Beta so the updates to it are fairly frequent.
6. NewsRob
If you need to keep up with your Google Reader account while on the move, this is the application for you. Application will download the 50 most current items from Google Reader (you can set it for more). Any items that you read will also be marked as read in your Google Reader account. Items you just want to mark as read just require a swipe from left to right to mark red. You can set the download frequency from every 30min to once a day and the app will supply notifications of new news items.
Better and faster than digging out the phone book, this app offers listing for people and business right across Canada. The application also has the ability to use your phones location based services to perform it’s search based on your current location.
8. shazam
If you’ve ever been listening to the radio and a some came on that you just haven’t been able to find out who’s singing it or what the name of the song is? Well then this is the app for you. Fire up this app and let it listen to the song play for about 30sec. The app will then perform a search for the song based on what it’s heard. Before long you’ll get a listing of the songs name, the performer and what album it’s from. Using the app to innate your web browser, you can even do a search on Amazon for the MP3 version of the song.
9. Astro
This is the only file and application manger that you would ever need for Android. It’s been able to perform everything that I’ve needed from it so far. Astro has the ability to back up your applications (Those not marked as private) to the SD card of your phone. You have complete access to browse your phone’s internal storage as well as the SD card. Something new that has been added recently is the ability to connect to FTP servers as well. Astro is one of those “Must Have” applications.
10. SMS Backup and Restore
If your like me and like to keep your SMS messaging client relativity clean of messages, then you might want to consider this application. SMS Backup and Restore gives you the ability to back up your SMS messages to the SD card in a XML format. This is great for importing into other applications or you can open the file directly using excel. Personally I backup my applications to the SD every couple of weeks and then clear the messages on the phone. I then use excel to copy the new txt messages over to a storage file where I keep every txt I’ve ever received on my HTC Magic. You can also restore backed up message files. The only failing that I’ve seen with this devices is that you can’t restore sms messages that were backed up from another device. >> Update… I made a mistake, you can backup SMS from one device and restore on another. It was an app for the bookmarks that I couldn’t do this with <<

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