Magic Frustrations:

I’m one of the HTC Dream owners that was lucky enough to get in on the Rogers Dream to Magic upgrade program during the short period that it was available. I did the upgrade online the same day it was announced and received my HTC Magic a couple of days later via priority post. Personally I found that the upgrade procedure was simple to do and that the instructions to get the upgrade were adequate. Quite a few others however were not so lucky. They had to spend lots of time on the telephone with Rogers Customer Service before they were finally able to get their upgrade done, if they managed at all. During this process @RogersMary (one of Rogers Social Media Team on Twitter) was of great help to people who were having difficulties getting their Dream to Magic upgrade.

I had my shiny brand spanking new Magic to play with for about a week before the dreaded 911 debacle commenced. I found it to be a much more responsive device than the Dream (And still do) and it did everything that I asked of it with the exception of paid apps (at the time) and apps that required 1.6 or above to run. What it was capable of running it did well and I had few if any problems. Everything was good and I was also looking forward to Sense UI and the upcoming update to 2.1 mid year.

When the 911 issue first (officially) appeared, Rogers sent all its Magic and Dream owners out an SMS warning that they needed to shut off the GPS or risk not being able to complete a 911 call. This was especially frustrating to me as I had specifically asked about this issue less than a month before and was told that it was a “non-issue” in Canada. Anyway, safety first, I turned my GPS off which I normally just left on all the time for location-based apps. I just relied on the wireless location service until a fix was ready for the 911/GPS issue.

It wasn’t a week later and Rogers announced that they had a “Mandatory” update for both the Dream and the Magic to fix the 911/GPS issue with the phones. Being that I wanted to get my GPS back on, I applied the update as soon as I was informed of it. As with my Dream to Magic upgrade the update process went really smooth and I found the instructions more than adequate for performing the task. Others were not so lucky with the update and there were many reported problems from people with Windows7, Apple, or Linux PC’s. The ultimatum that Rogers gave on Friday evening of having the update done by Sunday was not sufficient for many of these people to work through the issues with updating and they ended up getting their Data cut off by Rogers. Having performed my update as soon as notified I was spared the frustration of having to deal with my wireless data being cut off.

Upon booting the phone after update I was presently surprised to see Sense UI included with the update and upon further investigation I found that multi-touch support had been added as well. Almost immediately however I and others started to notice little problems with the update, most of which were nothing more than minor annoyances but one big one was the removal of Bluetooth voice dialing. It was about a week later that I started to notice my major issues with the phone update, issues that I’m still having to this day.

1. On occasion out of the blue, the Sense UI will reboot. Not the entire phone, just the UI, I’ll get a force close of process senseui. After I select the force close, I end up back at the black screen with HTC in the middle of it. The phone will then reload the UI back to the home screen. Any apps that were running will be in the background.

2. I’ll get my 3G indicator on while I’m connected to WiFi and once it’s on it will not go away. After I turn off WiFi or leave the WiFi coverage the 3G wireless data will not work, I’m left without a data connection.

I dealt with Rogers Customer Service and Tech Support on this issue (again thanks to @RogersMary for getting it put through so quickly) and as far as anybody at Rogers new I was the only one having this problem so I was asked to perform a factory wipe on my phone to see if that fixed the problem. I was reluctant to do the wipe as I had just gotten the phone set back to the way I wanted it after the update wiped it. Tech support insisted that I needed to perform wipe so I went ahead and I tried the factory wipe anyway, but within a day or so I was having the same problems again. My case was quickly escalated up to the Office of the president (Ootp) and Rogers sent me out a replacement Magic+ thinking that it might have been a problem with my device. A couple of days later I had my replacement and had to go through the entire process of setup again (if you’ve done this a few times you’ll know what a pain it is to get it back just the way you like it).

Things went well for about a week then the problems started up again. This time however after a few times I managed to spot the 3G indicator coming on. I quickly got back in touch with @RogersMary about it and she passed the information onto the technical department to see if there was something with the phones OS that was causing my problems. I do really appreciate @RogersMary and Rogers Technical department for taking my issues seriously and trying to work out a cause for them.

After a few more times I managed to work out that my WiFi/3G issue was occurring when location-based apps went to use the GPS to determine my locations. This would only happen if I was connected to WiFi at the time but it didn’t happen every time and it happened with different apps. I also found out that instead of rebooting the phone I could just force the phone into 2G (Edge) and back to 3G to get my data back. Another discovery I made through trial and error was that it didn’t just happen to 3G, if I was on Edge when the problem occurred, I would lose edge until I forced to 3G (only if 3G available) or rebooted the phone.

When I started having problems several times a day @RogersMary was kind enough to escalate my issue and I was soon dealing with Technical support and the Ootp again. The Technical support fellow at the other end was very helpful and listened to everything that I had to say. He checked out the 3G coverage in my area to make sure that my issues were not being cause by network problem and he agreed with me that since my phone had already been replaced it wasn’t a hardware issue. The tech was great and went to get a Magic at my suggestion to see if he could duplicate the problem (by this time I had figured a way to get WiFi/3G to happen almost every time). I walked him through how I could get my phone to get into the WiFi/3G state and the Magic he was using had the same problem as mine (Yay I’m not insane). Rogers is taking the issue seriously and they now know that one of their own devices has replicated the problems that I’m having. I’ve supplied all the information that I could on my device and what apps that I have installed and I continue to update them when I have any additional information that may help. Hopefully Rogers or HTC will have a fix for this by the time of the next update, doesn’t help me much right now but as people start using the GPS capability of the phone more Rogers will probably be seeing more issues like mine.

Lately I’ve been having problems where if I don’t catch the WiFi/3G on at the same time and leave the WiFi area, I don’t know that my wireless data is not working. One day I was waiting for an email that was several hours late, on a hunch I checked my wireless data connection and was not getting anything. After I rebooted the phone I promptly received the email I was waiting for. Now starts the worst issue that I’m having with this phone.

3. The last two mornings I’ve awoken to find that the signal strength indicator on my phone was showing 0 bars and had an X through it. Also as soon as I unlocked the display my phone was on the “network operator” settings page. Fist morning I thought nothing of it and just switched to 2G and back to 3G to clear it up (I shouldn’t have to be saying “just”). This morning I decided to check into it further before resetting the problem and do you know what I found out? My phone was not working, I could not make or receive a call!! Not having data at times was one thing but now I can’t even trust if my phone is going to be able to make a call or not.

It’s just not funny anymore (not like it ever was), this update is causing so many more problems than it fixed and is turning my Magic into a device that is unreliable at best and unusable at worst. If it wasn’t for the fact that My Daughter’s only phone at her place is my old Dream that’s running CyanogenMod, I would just switch phones with her. But I can’t leave her with a phone that may or may not work if she needs to make an emergency call. At least for me I have my land-line to fall back on. BTW I haven’t even started dealing with Rogers Technical Support yet on the issue of Sense UI rebooting.


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5 Responses to “Magic Frustrations:”

  1. xaueious Says:

    Even if you are not rooted, I believe you should be able to clear your dalvik-cache. You should be able to do this from recovery mode that came with the phone. That typically clears up a lot of problems.

    If getting delays in receiving messages, run a task kill and make sure your resources are not being hogged unnecessarily. Maybe try changing the advanced wifi setting so that it turns off when you are not using it (press menu when in the wifi settings view). Having the wifi in sleep forces the phone to switch to 2G/3G mode for data.

    I have the HTC Dream, and used the HTC Magic with the Sense update for a week. I didn’t get any problems with my HTC Magic, but then I’m not the type to run a lot of widgets. My HTC Magic was rock solid for me. Your problems may also be alleviated by reflashing the RUU. Try that too.

    • greatbigdog01 Says:

      Hello xaueious,

      Thanks for the suggestions, most of them I’ve already tried. I know that if my WiFi isn’t currently being used then most likely my wifi/3g issue won’t occur, if I turn off my GPS they won’t occur either. But turning off wifi kinda beets the purpose of having the capability. I’m in a wifi coverage area about 80% of the time and I need to be connected to wifi so that I don’t end up going over the 500mb of my data plan. I use the GPS all of the time as well and shouldn’t have to worry about having to turn it off to make sure my phone works.

      It’s not an issue with my phone but with the 911 updated software that HTC provided to Rogers. I’ve had the issues on 2 devices and know of a few others with the same issues. Also Rogers Tech Support had duplicated the problem on one of their own HTC Magics.

  2. Graham Says:

    I’m having the same problem with my Magic – sometimes the WIFI icon and the 3G icon are on at the same time, and then I realize that I’m not connected to the internet at all. Is there someone in particular at Rogers you think I should contact? Or should I just sit tight and wait for the next update, knowing that other people are in the same boat?


  3. GreatBigDog Says:

    Hi Graham,

    This problem with the Magic is a software issue that Rogers is not going to be able to fix on their own and we will probably not see a fix until the 2.1 update mid year. In the meantime if you avoid having your gps on when your connected to wifi it should lessen the issues.

    I’m in contact with Rogers on a regular basis regarding this problem and as soon as I have any additional information on a fix I’ll be sure to post back here.


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