Why I chose Android

Everyone has a reason why they went with a specific device, provider or operating system (OS) when they chose their particular Smartphone. I’m no different the rest of you so I must have a reason. But, when IWMOPS, Puleen and I had a meeting with Rogers a few weeks ago and we were presented with the question “What made you chose Android?” I found that I didn’t have a ready answer.

I’ve thought about it these last several weeks and I thought I would share with you why I made the choices that I did.

I was old school in that I kept everything I needed stored in a day-timer (yes pen and paper). I was sick of carrying it around and wanted something that I could slip into my pocket that would remind me of things to do without having to check it all the time (I am getting older you know). I started looking into PDA’s, after all they had been the rage over the last several years and I had heard some great reports about quite a few of them. I checked out a few different units at several of the local merchants but couldn’t find anything that was really what I wanted and sort of balked at the price considering the limited expandability of what was available.

About this time I was coming to the end of my wireless contract with Bell and was starting to consider a replacement for the Razr that I had been using for the last 3 years. The one stipulation that I had for any new phone that I would be getting was that it was going to have a working GPS that I could use for navigation, other than that I was open to anything. I did a quick check online (got to love Google) and quickly decided that I didn’t want a blackberry as this was my personal device and I wasn’t going to be stuck with an ugly phone like that. I had played with an iPod touch before and since the iPhone was just an iPod touch that made calls, that was rejected as well. I didn’t want to be carrying around the same toy that all the kids were.

At this point I sort of put the idea together in my head of getting some device that would give me what I want out of a phone and allow me to loose the day-timer. Again I dived into the internet to research what kind of device I could get that would do all I needed, wasn’t an iPhone and wasn’t ugly. I came across The HTC Dream and Magic on Rogers’s site and now Bell had the BlackBerry storm. The reviews on the Storm ranged from poor to mediocre and it was a brand new device. The Dream and Magic both had OK reviews and were based on an Open Source OS, they were upgradeable, and had access to download applications that would expand their abilities.

I decided on getting an Android device and since at the time Rogers was the only wireless carrier to provide them, they received my business by default (where were you then N1). I originally chose the Dream over the Magic because of the keyboard but have since switched to the Magic. After a quick learning curve I’m not having too many problems with the on screen keyboard.


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