LED TV farce

Ok, this is just a pet peeve of mine that I thought I would through out there for your consideration.

Why is it that the regulators in North America are allowing television manufactures to represent their “LED lit” televisions as LED televisions. Sure I bet in some fine print somewhere that the average Joe wouldn’t read you will find some line that states that the display is an LCD that is being either side or back lit by LED lighting. But I can bet that quite a few people are showing up at their local retailers looking for this magical LET television.

I won’t dispute that the LED lighting of LCD displays is a huge improvement over what has been available, especially the backlist models. But it’s not a LED display. They should be marketed as what they are not what the manufactures want you to believe that they are.

Myself I’ll stick to my old school plasma TV for now, I don’t know why but for my taste most LCD’s that I’ve seen just don’t measure up to the plasma TV’s. About the only exceptions would be the Sony Bravias.


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