HTC Dream bug when dialing 911 with GPS on.

I received a SMS from Rogers Wireless late yesterday evening stating that there is a serious bug in the Android 1.5 Operating System on the HTC Dream that will cause problems when trying to dial 911. Customers have been requested to turn off their GPS location on the phone until HTC has a fix for it. Here is the text that I received.

Rogers/Fido service message: URGENT 911 Calls: Please disable GPS location on your HTC Dream device to ensure all 911 calls complete. HTC is urgently working on a software upgrade and we will provide details shortly so you can re-enable GPS.

Instructions: Select Menu – Select Settings – Select Location – Uncheck Enable GPS Satellite

Message de Rogers/Fido : URGENT – Appels 911 : Veuillez désactiver la localisation GPS sur votre appareil HTC Dream afin de vous assurer que tous les appels 911 soient acheminés. HTC développe le plus rapidement possible une mise à jour du logiciel et nous vous fournirons les détails sous peu afin que vous puissiez réactiver la fonction GPS.

Instructions : Sélectionner Menu – Sélectionner Paramètres – Sélectionner Location – Désactiver les satellites GPS

Michael Schmidt from also received an email from @RogersMary and @RogersMary has also posted into several online forms with this information. It looks like Rogers Wireless is taking this issue seriously to the point of removing the Dream from it’s Web Site and instructed retailers to remove the dream from their shelves.  I would highly recommend anyone operating a HTC Dream to follow the instructions to disable GPS location on their devices.

In my opinion however, I don’t believe that HTC has been taking this issue seriously until now. I believe that the issue is caused by the 911 service querying the GPS on the phone for it’s location. This hasn’t been a problem for us in the past because our 911 system didn’t have this ability, but with the wireless carriers rolling out this enhanced 911 ability before the February 2nd deadline it’s now suddenly become an issue for HTC.

This “bug” was fixed on the T-Mobile G1 with the upgrade to Android 1.6 and  it should have been a known issue to HTC at that time. I don’t know why HTC didn’t think that any Canadian Dream owners would be traveling to the US and might have the occasion to dial 911 while there. HTC can come back and say all they want about that the G1 issue with rebooting when dialing 911 wasn’t related to GPS but I for one won’t believe them.

I had already posted on this issue before and had passed it on to @RogersMary, I believe that the response that she received from HTC was that it was a non-issue in Canada. Well it looks like it’s an issue now doesn’t it?



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