LG is listening to EVE concerns

GreatBigDog has spoken and LG is listening…… couldn’t resist saying that 😉

I just received a response back to an email that I had sent to LG.  I had sent the email out yesterday and I have to say that they are quick to respond to serious inquiries about their product. LG seems like they are in the mood to listen to concerns that the users of the LG EVE have regarding the status of the current Android 1.5 operating system on the device

They have taken the issue of Android 1.5 on the LG EVE to their engineering department and are currently investigating their options. LG is actively seeking feedback from bloggers around the world and are now seeking input from Bloggers in Canada.

Here is the response that I received.


Thanks for your note. LG has been listening to the conversations online about Android based mobile phones including the LG Eve and is currently addressing this feedback in an engineer evaluation of upgrade. Our engineers and development teams have been reviewing the feasibility of providing an upgrade both from a development, deployment and a cost perspective and will be making a decision shortly. As we speak bloggers from around the world are participating in these discussions in Korea.

We are now inviting bloggers from Canada to participate as well. As the evaluation is currently underway, your comments couldn’t be more timely and we will be sharing your feedback directly with our engineering and development team. I encourage you to continue to send me your recommendations on the subject to myself and/or Sheryl Davey from our communications agency. Once we have had a chance to fully evaluated all the feedback, you will be hearing from us with our official plans in the next couple of weeks.

Best regards,

Paul Pike

This is looking good. We should see some sort of official position from LG within the next few weeks, I’ll keep you all informed as I learn anything new. In the meantime if you could post any comment that want passed onto LG here on my blog or over at iwantmyonepointsix.com or in the LG Update thread at Android Forms, I will do my best to get them to the folks over at LG as soon as possible.



2 Responses to “LG is listening to EVE concerns”

  1. Puleen Patel Says:

    This is the same email which I received from Paul as well. I had emailed him with links to several blogs that covered the Rogers / Magic issue including BGR as well as the Android Forums.

    Let’s hope that the outcome from LG is just as fruitful as with Rogers & HTC.


  2. I Want My One Point Six - Demanding Android 1.6 for our Rogers HTC Magic & Dream, and LG Eve Phones Says:

    […] other members of the community have begun contacting members of LG’s management directly, and have already […]

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