My Magic Journey of Dreams

I’ve been contemplating on my journey down the road from the all-unknowing abyss, through the fields of HTC despair, to the land of Magic where Dreams were dashed, finally arriving at the triumphant conclusion of my struggle for one-point-six. During this journey I finally started to use my Facebook account that I had set up over a year ago and only used every couple of months, I saw a Happy Birthday on my wall 2 months after it was posted. I also became involved with Twitter and Digg and I’ve actually started posting to an online Blog. For younger folks this might not seem like much but for an old dog it was some new tricks, especially for one that only sporadically communicated by email.

At times it seems like its been a long struggle, but in reality its only been a few of months since the ball really got rolling. What started out as an innocent little question posted by Elementi on October 5th/09 at Android Forums ended up blossoming into what was probably the most effective online customer protests in Canadian history. This journey saw the creation of a Facebook group, the blog, my I Want My One-Point-Six blog and of course this blog. That one post lead to a thread on Android Forums that has more than 1300 replies and a phenomenal 24,000+ views.

We were effective in letting current and prospective customers know what kind of un-support for the Android Operating System that they were going to be receiving upon the purchase of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic from Rogers Wireless. This relentless public shaming of Rogers was effective in getting their attention and causing them to put pressure on HTC to look at updating our devices. But, it wasn’t until the attention of our group started to turn towards HTC as well, that HTC capitulated and agreed to update the Magic not to the 1.6 that we were demanding but all the way to the latest Android release of 2.1. HTC was however unwilling to make any attempt at updating the Dream due to unspecified “hardware limitations”. Rogers Wireless though looks like it is prepared to support their customers that chose to purchase the HTC Dream  by offering them a chance to exchange their Dreams for Magics. This will be a limited time offer of which I don’t have the details yet.
I’ve seen reactions from people who are happy with the result and other that are not. Some people will not be able to move past having to go through this and will probably be leaving Rogers at the first opportunity. There will still be others that don’t see what all the fuss was about but are glad to be getting an upgrade to their phone. I for one actually enjoyed sparing with Rogers and HTC, I was on the verge of rooting my phone to install Android 1.6 myself when I came across the thread on Android Forums and decided to participate there instead. Except for the one negative contact that I had from a member at Rogers Office of the President (which was quickly corrected by another member of that office) I found that dealing with Rogers was, if frustrating at times, professional and courteous.
As I had said to a contact at Rogers “I would rather be a happy customer than an unhappy ex customer”. Rogers response to our concerns, albeit a slow one, has been positive and has the potential to leave me as a “happy customer”. We shall see what the details of their exchange program will be before I pass final judgement. If this all turns out as I believe it will then all I can say is “Good Job Rogers, you’re taking care of your customers”.

Now, about that LG EVE………..


2 Responses to “My Magic Journey of Dreams”

  1. Sheryl Davey Says:

    Hi there,

    Have been following your tweets regarding LG. If you would send me your email address I can provide you with answers to all of your questions. I work on LG’s communications team.


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