Singing the 1.5 blues…..

I’m wondering if the built-in Google applications that are included with the HTC Dream are not the same ones that are included with the T-Mobile G1. Google had to do some work to shoehorn 1.6 onto the G1 and MyTouch 3G and maybe it’s HTC’s add ons and custom applications that are pushing it over the ROM capability on the Dream.

The HTC Magic has no worries because is actually has better specs than the MyTouch 3G. The MyTouch 3G has the same specs as the G1 and our HTC Dream but the HTC Magic has the same specs as the HTC Hero, that’s why the Magic is getting Sense UI and 2.1. If it can fit on the Hero it can fit on the Magic, only difference would be the drivers. I can bet that 2.1 will be the last update that you will see for either of these devices as well.

I guess that the more adventurous Dream owners can just wait for Cyanogen or one of the other custom rom builders to get a hold of the 2.1 release for the Magic. You can bet that once they get their hands on 2.1 with the drivers needed for the camera and such, there will be a custom 2.1 ROM available for the Dream shortly afterwards. It might actually be if the drivers surface prior to the release of 2.1 on the Magic that the custom Roms would be available first.

Myself, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve only had my Dream for about 1.5 months on the 3 year contract and I can’t afford to go out and pay the full price for a replacement, Not like there is anything to choose from right now, even with the Magic getting the 2.1 update.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love my Dream but I just wish I could have had the information that I have today when I purchased the phone, I would either of purchased the Magic instead or most likely I would have waited for a better Android offering to come along. I just wish I had the guts to go the rooting method, but as I said, I can’t afford to go out and buy a replacement if I ended up bricking the phone.

So fellow dream owners what are your plans.



2 Responses to “Singing the 1.5 blues…..”

  1. Manfred Moser Says:

    Go root the phone. Its pretty uncommon to brick your phone.

    • Mattman Says:

      Lies… I totally bricked my phone. I was able to root and had cyanogenmod on it at first, but then I tried to apply one of Cyanogen’s updates and I bricked it.

      But good news is that Rogers replaced my bricked phone free of charge even though the phone would get to the boot-up screen where it would even say T-Mobile! Can’t say that it will work again though if I brick it and try to get a replacement.

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