HTC Dream…….. no it’s a nightmare!!

It was an exciting day yesterday, it  started out great with an announcement from Sony Ericsson that Rogers Wireless would be the Exclusive Canadian Provider for the upcoming X10. Not only would Rogers be exclusive in Canada they would be the first providers to supply the X10 in North America (Wow we get something first). The X10 is running Android 1.6 and looks to be the first device available to Rogers that is running a version of Android past 1.5 and Sony Ericsson has stated that they do eventually plan on updating the X10 to android 2.X.

Next we had G-Day and the release of the Nexus One, I watched the presentation online and it looks like one sweet phone. Only problems that I can see with it is, that there is no multitouch and it’s not available in Canada (yet?). This is where the day started going downhill for me……

Finally HTC sent an email to Mike Schmidt of and posted to the 1.6 thread at Android Forms stating that the the Magic and Dream would be getting an update in the next few weeks, In the case of the Magic this would include HTC’s Sense UI but still be on Android 1.5. In around the middle of 2010 HTC also has commited to bringing Android 2.1 to the Magic.

Well there you have it. It was HTC all along that had no plans to produce any updates for either phone and it was only the pressure applied to them by the iwantmyonepointsix campaign through Rogers that the reconsidered their position. This is great news for the owners of the Rogers Magic but the Dream is turning into a nightmare for the owners of the Rogers Magic. Once the Dream gets this 1.5 update in the next couple of weeks, that’s it for it. It will not see another update let alone upgrade.



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