Today is G-Day

Today is the day that we have been waiting for. Hopefully in a few hours time we will see Google revealing to the world it’s not so secret Nexus One. We can only hope that Google (HTC) will be producing a model that is compatible with the majority of our 3G frequency’s here in Canada. So far the only leaked specs on the device has it using the same frequency’s as T-Mobile in the US and the new WIND operator here in Canada.

There has been a rumor also that there may be a device for AT&T, if so that would give us a device that is completely compatible with ROGERS Wireless, nothing has been said however regarding any CDMA version of the device to operate on BELL or TELUS.

Another rumor that is circulating around is that Australia is being left out According to the rumor, Australian press has not been invited to the even today and even the Google execs in Australia have been kept out of the loop. One can only hope that the “Other markets have also missed out” does not include Canada.



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