Welcome to 2010

Finally have the holidays out of the way and I’m looking forward to getting back on some sort of routine. The messy job of taking the tree down and dragging it outside is done at home but I still have to pack up and drag all of the other decorations back to the basement for another year. That will keep me busy the rest of the week 😉

Since Mike has everything under control with Rogers over at iwantmyonepointsix.com, I’m going to apply my efforts to communicating with HTC to see if I can get any sort of commitment out of them for Android 2.x for our devices (yes 2.x, IMHO 1.6 is a dead horse and I’m not going to flog it). I’ve sent an email to HTC via their website and we’ll see what they have to say on the issue of 2.x. The tweets that I sent out to them before Christmas have gone unanswered but I’ll try those accounts again to see how I make out there as well. You can try tweeting them at @HTC or @htcromsupport.

Here is what I emailed them.

Now that HTC has determined that they will not be supporting Android 1.6 for the Rogers Dream or Magic phones, or I believe any of HTC branded devices, I’m wondering.

Is there any possibility of a 2.x version being made available for them?

I know that HTC us currently working on a 2.x version for the HTC HERO on Telus network and I’m hopping that your company doesn’t forget your earliest Android adopters in Canada.

Looking forward to a positive answer.

Android 1.5 user.

Don Rayner

We shall see that they have to say



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