Moving over from Blogspot

I started blogging only as part of a campaign to get Rogers Wireless to give it’s customers (Me for one) a date on when we could expect to receive an update to our Android powered devices, specifically the HTC Dream and HTC Magic. After the announcement by HTC that our devices were not going to receive any upgrade to 1.6 the campaign changed from obtaining a date to trying to force Rogers / HTC to reconsider. This is a quote from HTC’s site.

HTC is not currently planning any Android 1.6 upgrades for Rogers Dream or Magic. Android 1.6 was only made available for “Google”-branded devices such as the G1. It is not available for HTC-branded products such as the Dream or Magic, which use Android 1.5. We believe that Android 1.5 is a stable and reliable software platform that delivers a terrific user experience

Anyway, although the Blogspot site is easy to use and is integrated with my GMail account it doesn’t offer any easy way to provide for mobile viewing of my blog. I decided to give word press a try to see how it would work out. I’m changing my blog’s name because I don’t want to limit myself to just posting on the “I Want My One-Point-Six” Campaign. I will however continue to cross post anything relating to the campaign here and in my original blog.

My Original Blog is here and here is Mike Schmidt’s  IWantMyOnePointSix Blog.



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